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Moorish Large Chandelier


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Large chandelier make a dramatic visual impact. They are a great way to set the tone for a room’s décor, a poolside décor, or patio décor.

We strongly recommend that you use large chandeliers for large spaces or large size tables in the dining area, while small chandeliers are suitable for small space only.

This beautifully handcrafted Moorish Large Pendant will add elegance to any style of interior décor and perfectly illuminate your large space.

This Moorish Large Chandelier has Iraqi-colored glass panels that when illuminated with large candles or wired, creates intricate shadows. It has exquisite hand-carved designs finely made in the souk in Marrakesh with antiqued brass.

When lit in a darkened room, this Moorish Large Chandelier’s beauty can be truly appreciated. Its light filters through intricate cutwork patterns and its colored glass thus create a beautiful “starry” canopy. This chandelier has clear, amber, burgundy, and green glasses.

This Moorish large chandelier is a very suitable light décor around the pool, the patio, or even in your living room. Does your powder room need some eye-catching décor? Or perhaps your kitchen requires some extra lighting, and this chandelier could do the trick.

Thus, this Moorish large chandelier is another unique and elegant choice of Moroccan pendent for your Moroccan-inspired house.


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