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Andalusia Dome


An intricate network of dancing patterns will come from the spectacular kaleidoscope of colors in this spectacular Andalusia Dome. Thanks to the ironwork on this ornament Moroccan lantern, a vividly colored Moroccan glass reflects throughout the room, producing an intricate network of gentle dancing patterns on the ceilings and walls.

New arrival: Large brass Fes chandelier, great workmanship, all hand-carved & hand-tooled in Fes – Morocco. A great addition to any home decor. Heavy piece and very solid.
Measures 45inches from chain to bottom tip actual body is 38 tall 26 wide.
Comes in an antique finish, brass finish, silver finish
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The Andalusia Dome

Since lighting affects how you view your home, it is a good idea to try out different lighting types. That is to see what works best for your house for it to look luxurious. Any interior designer will tell you that pendant lights, lamps, and lanterns are some of the most popular home decoration ideas.

The term “hanging lights” refers to lamps and lanterns. Those are all available in both a contemporary and a traditional design. Moroccan lamps and lanterns are the most common choices if you want to go with a more traditional approach.

The first consideration when introducing any new décor into your home, especially ethnic décor, is knowing how much you want to incorporate in your home decoration. Moroccan culture has a wide range of decorating choices. We suggest starting with tiny details like Moroccan lamps and Moroccan accessories.

Choosing the right mix of accessories, such as lighting, lanterns, and textiles, and adding them into each of your Moroccan themed rooms is all it takes to create a contemporary Moroccan décor look.

The trick is to strike the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality. When choosing lamps for your living space, it is important that you understand your needs. Now, let us allow the light to shine!

Andalusia Dome

The dazzling kaleidoscope of color in this magnificent Andalusia Dome will result in an intricate network of dancing patterns. It is a brightly colored Moroccan glass. It reflects around the room, creating an intricate network of soft dancing designs on the ceilings and walls. Thanks to the ironwork on this ornament Moroccan lantern, your house will look amazing!

This Andalusia Dome will give you a very colorful excuse to hang out after dark, thanks to hand-stained glass windows. It not only enhances the vibrancy of your home decor with its mesmerizing shades of elegance. It also brightens your mood and spirit.

Moroccan lighting, such as this Andalusia Dome, is in fact seeing a large increase in demand, making it one of the most popular and trending design lines. With its vivid colors and numerous homemade pieces, it can seem a little bit messy to some audiences, but it really provides an undeniably calming environment and a mood-lifting feeling.

Only in a darkened space will the elegance of the Andalusia Dome be fully appreciated. An elegant, colorful “starry” canopy is created by light filtering through intricate cutwork patterns and colored glass. This lighting is an eye-catching way to enhance the visual appeal of every room in the house.

The excellent quality of this Moroccan lighting decoration is improved by hand-engraving over the brass metal, which adds dimension and charm to this high-end Andalusia Dome.

Improving your home’s decor can be a difficult challenge at times. However, enriching your visual material by browsing various collections on here might be a good place and a good start to get a basic understanding of how you want your space to look like.


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