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Amanjena Dome Chandelier


Moorish chandeliers, such as this Amanjena Dome Chandelier, are a great way to create an exotic touch to an outdoor patio or front door entryway with its black paint finish and stained glass in multiple colors. As a result, you will be able to add a touch of elegance to your house.

New Arrival: A unique and exotic Moroccan dome chandelier, all hand tooled by a talented artisan in Marrakesh. This chandelier is galvanized and handmade. A unique piece of home decor that will make any place look so special.
Measures 37″ x 32″
Handmade in morocco
One of a kind
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If you want to get a décor to your house that has a unique and exotic look, we suggest that Amanjena Dome Chandelier is the way to go.

When bringing a new culture into your house, it is a good idea to play around with colors, textures, furniture and fixtures. That is to add some uniqueness and make your space more conducive to Moroccan elements.

Lighting in a contemporary theme will improve the mood in your house, as well as in luxury hotels and restaurants.

Remember the décor of your space when choosing a look. Every new accessory should fit in with the current theme.

With this Amanjena Dome Chandelier, you can effectively transfer your core of Moroccan culture and feel all of the sensations that this style has to bring.

Amanjena Dome Chandelier

The selection of lighting is an important aspect of home decoration. You must choose lighting that is both appropriate and complementary to your home’s decor. You should always bear in mind to choose lighting that is both appropriate and complementary to your home’s decor.

With its black paint finish and stained glass in various shades, this Amanjena Dome Chandelier are an excellent way to add an exotic touch to an outdoor patio or front door entrance. You can use this chandelier in every part of the house. You will be able to bring a bit of beauty to your home as a result of this.

Moroccan décor, such as this Amanjena Dome Chandelier is incredibly seductive. It is one of the most romantic lights you will ever come across. They ought to be the right size for your living space. It is one of the most comprehensive and eclectic collections of authentic Moroccan décor ever put together.

The Amanjena Dome Chandelier is a one-of-a-kind hanging chandelier that will add a special tone and ambiance to any space. You will notice the true beauty of this chandelier when illuminated in a darkened room. An elegant “amazing” canopy is created by light filtering through intricate cutwork patterns and colored glass.

This Amanjena Dome Chandelier is a type of contemporary Moroccan light that can be very minimal when styled correctly. The decoration on this chandelier also looks so beautiful. While many have elaborate patterns created by a set of holes etches, and embossing, the overall look can be polished and contemporary, capturing the essence of your modern Moroccan house.

Why buy this chandelier?

The artisans wants to create this Amanjena Dome Chandelier in such a way that its colors complement and accentuate the wall colors. It gives your space a glamorous appearance. This was created to intensify the Moroccan vibe and make the setting even more vivid, as well as a place where one can relax and unwind.

To build a Moroccan-themed home interior successfully, special attention must be given to selecting the appropriate accessories. Though conventional Moroccan decor shouts color and adornment, you can still accessorize your home while keeping a simple ‘Moroccan’ style.

This Amanjena Dome Chandelier Moroccan home decor aims to showcase the exquisite elegance of the Moroccan art. It also establishes a relaxing haven in your home.


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