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Moroccan Lamps

Utilizing a Moroccan Lamps is an extraordinary method to effortlessly add character and delightful light to porch areas and dining table centerpieces. Moroccan lights make delicate and warm lighting that is both welcoming and cheerful for any occasion.

There is nothing quite like Moroccan light shade, and that goes double for Moroccan floor lamps. These are quite beautiful, will fit any style of bulb up to a certain size, and will accent a room in the charms of West Africa. If you are looking for the right Moroccan ceiling light to hang in your home and give your space an interesting sense of style, take a look at this collection for more.

Moroccan Lamps

You’ll be happy to know that investing in gorgeous Moroccan lights doesn’t mean you have to travel all the way to Morocco, although that would be delightful, too. However, lights are the perfect place to start, If you want to start adding a Moroccan vibe to your home. They’re already a softer accent than the glaring overhead lights, and since they’re easy to move, you can switch your collection around later on from room to room.

Moroccan lamps add beauty and cultural significance to any room or residence. Few other lighting configurations can match the grandeur of having one dangle from your ceiling or sit at your table.

What is a Moroccan lamp?

A classic Moroccan lamp is a hanging light or lantern that is often constructed from rustic brass or wrought iron metalwork with tinted stained-glass. The metalwork lattice is really intricate. These “lanterns,” as some people may refer to them, were typically made to contain tea lights or candles.

Although most of the multicolored lanterns are made up of lovely mixes of hues like green, red, yellow, and even orange, the two most popular colors utilized in Moroccan lanterns are blue and amber. For that contemporary aesthetic, they also now come in fully electrical or even battery-powered versions.

Moroccan lantern designs have a long history and exist in a variety of forms, making them useful in a wide range of settings. Read on to find out more about these gorgeous lamps, whether you currently have one hanging in your study or are looking to acquire one to add to your patio outside.

Moroccan Lamps: Buying Guide

A Moroccan lamp comes with a unique look that never fails in catching the attention of visitors and guests. In view of its special feel and usefulness, a Moroccan ceiling light is frequently rare. Maybe you definitely know this, and that’s what we want for your home.

Remember that a Moroccan light is a broad term, which can be a source of confusion for the inexperienced customer. To help you explore, our collection is perfect for you.

What types of Moroccan lamps are there?

The first thing you need to determine is the type of Moroccan lamp you’d want to get. Your choices typically fall into the Moroccan floor lamp, Moroccan pendent light, Moroccan table lamp, Moroccan lampshade, and Moroccan light shade.

Moroccan floor lamp

The Moroccan floor lamp is the basic option, which also means it’s more economical. The standard type comes with a single lamp with a standard size.

To find an oriental atmosphere at home, you need a few ornamental accessories. The Moroccan lamp is one of the things to have to feel transported in full Moroccan Riad. Indeed, the latter easily gives a restrainedsoft and warm atmosphere to a room. It can have different styles depending on where you want to place it, the living room, the bedroom or even the outside of your house. Discover our decorating tips for choosing your beacon!

The Moroccan lamp to put in the corner of the room or on the sundeck of the house
At first, you may want to give a warm and oriental ornamental touch to your living room. In this case, you can place lights in a corner of the room in which you can place candles. These accessories are generally made of white essence. They can also be decorated on top. Whether the beacon is more or less elaborate is over to you.

In addition, you can choose a model where the top is open in small ways. The light from the candles is reflected on it to produce shadows on your ceiling. These details insure an immediate trip to Morocco.
However, it’s clever to place your lights in the corners of your sundeck to fluently gain a warm and friendly atmosphere, If you have an out-of-door area at home. Summer gloamings can easily take on a Moroccan feel.

Moroccan pendant light

 As the name suggests, the mini pendant is sized smaller compared to the standard. Its primary use is for a small and one-person table. It’s sort of a personal lighting. However, you can also use the mini pendant as a unique lighting fixture for a regular table or hallway by buying moroccan lamp.

Moroccan table lamp

A Moroccan table lamp will typically consist of two or three lighting sources. The lighting sources are attached to a central pole or fixture. An island is an excellent option for a pool table, bar or desk.

Moroccan table lanterns are probably the easiest way to begin incorporating them into your living spacesBringing a touch of Morocco culture to your table brings a style extremely unique and special.

Just as you can set the mood with the out-of-door Moroccan lights, Moroccan table lights are relatively easy to addMost just plugin and you’re good to go, just like normal more traditional and ultramodern lights you may be used to.

Moroccan Candle Lantern

Moroccan candle lanterns are the cute little Moroccan lamp that’s the savior for anyone with a smaller living space. These petite or as large as you’d like lanterns are a great result for someone who wants the Moroccan style without all the flare and possible complexity of its other performances.
Candle lanterns are generally available in multiple patterns and colors. They also come away from the more traditional brass, generally being made from copper and iron. Also, they are great for spots where an outlet isn’t available as its name implies you can operate them with a candle rather of a bulb.

Moroccan Chandelier

With numerous options and configurations available, you can go as many as eight or night lights with one large one, to just a few like this one.
With all the designs also comes color schemes and patterns to choose from. Making these not only a huge lighting statement for your home, but customizable enough so no one can come near to mimicking your setup.
A Moroccan chandelier is an eye-catching work of art and a great conversation pieceOwning one of these and having it displayed in your home will surely get some commentary.
These are best suited for amusing areas such as your dining room. You wouldn’t want all of its beautiful fineness to go to waste hiding in a back room, so if this is one you’re interested in do it justice and display it loud and proud.

Moroccan Wall Lamps

A wall lamp can be used to draw attention to a particular feature of your decor, whether it is flush against the wall or suspended from a fixture, gently glowing or casting its light up or down.

Moroccan Lamp Ideas For Your Home

It’s simple to incorporate a Moroccan lamp into your home—just buy Moroccan Lamp and put it anywhere. Additionally, lavish Moroccan decor can be added in full force. Here are some inspirations for you.

For your Patio

In your outside garden, you might hang lighting. Providing constant illumination for the path. Front entrance or the terrace where you entertain. They might also be utilized as inexpensive yet elegant outdoor lighting for an evening alfresco banquet.

For your Kitchen

Including them in your kitchen is a fantastic and original concept. Nothing more than these chic lamps dangling above your head creates the ambiance and cooking style. You can look at here for some ideas, and if you choose this course of action, perhaps researching some traditional Moroccan cuisine would be appropriate?

For the Living Room

A Moroccan lamp is a wonderful way to add personality and style to the living room. They are stunning works of art that are also excellent conversation starters!

How to determine the right height for a Moroccan lamp?

The stature of the Moroccan lamp should be carefully considered. For a hanging light, the “height” pertains to the distance between the unit and the floor. Hanging lights are regularly utilized for a table or corridor.

In the event that you are purchasing a Moroccan table lamp, the ideal stature is anyplace between 28 inches and 32 inches.

If you are intending to put the Moroccan lamp on a walkway or foyer, you’d need 7 feet clearance between the floor and the installation.

Gorgeous Moroccan lamps are a unique combination of color, design and attractive design solutions. Captivating performance and beautiful details will give you a fantastic atmosphere. Perfect for any interior.

How to choose a Moroccan lamp to give an oriental style to your room

Brightness is an important criterion for choosing your Moroccan lamp. Some models are designed to produce a muted atmosphere. The light isn’t the number 1 criterion of the wall lamp. The light will also be rather dark, and it’ll not be possible to use this light source as the only light source in the room. The light from the sconce will clearly not be sufficient if you want to read, for exampleHowever, this atmosphere is perfect for convivial moments where the light is much lower.
In this case, you can choose a Moroccan lantern model where the light passes through small spaces. In addition, it’s important to add other light points in the room to modulate its lighting according to the time of the evening. A good result to change the atmosphere easily.

To give a different style effect, you can also choose to hang two or three lights from your ceiling. The atmosphere will also easily take on a Moroccan sense with these details on the ceiling.

How To Tell Genuine Moroccan Lamps From Fake Ones?

If you enjoy shopping for ethnic home accents like Moroccan lamps, you might find these guidelines helpful in determining the difference between real items and fakes. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on something just to receive a fake version of it.

Is It Really Brass?

Make sure the lamps are constructed of brass when buying moroccan lamps. Because of its attractive appearance for furniture, brass, which is a mix of copper and zinc, is frequently used. Brass-made items typically have a rustic appearance that makes them lovely and antique-like. Therefore, if someone tries to sell you a Moroccan lamp that they say is from Morocco and you discover that it is not made of brass, it is likely a fake or a subpar copy of the original lamp. Cheap bulbs typically deteriorate more quickly. Before making a purchase, check sure the seller is selling authentic goods. Sellers who take pride in offering genuine goods will not be reluctant to guarantee that their goods are unique and will be able to provide you more details to clarify.

Made By Hand

When buying a Moroccan lamp or Moroccan chandelier, pay particular attention to the quality of the construction. Usually, they are painstakingly hand-made by knowledgeable artisans or craftsmen. Some of them are even assembled by women who have inherited the skill that was historically passed down from generation to generation. It can be considered a dying art. That is why it is so valuable. Collectors of antiques and cultural artifacts will be able to appreciate the creative splendor and the numerous hours of labor that went into each item by hand. The chandeliers’ glass is expertly cut into lovely, delicate pieces so that when they are lit up together, they may project the light in a cozy, ambient way.


It takes an artist to perform the art of lighting. By combining the appropriate goods with top-notch craftsmanship, Moroccan Lamps makes it possible to create distinctive ambiances in both living and working environments. We offer a variety of items available, including floor lamp types and hanging lighting, so you can quickly locate what you’re searching for.

100% Handcraft

In Alizoni, each piece of Moroccan Lamp is individually created. Moroccan glass artisans produce items that allow the eye-catching transparency of the glass to interact with the light. Moroccan Lamps, which come in a variety of lighting options, are evidence of Morocco’s rich cultural heritage, which spans both the Asian and European continents.

Dance of the Light with Glass

Different product sizes and models of Moroccan lamps, which enable light beams to dance flawlessly with the glass, improve the quality of your life. You can pamper yourself by ordering from anywhere in the world and giving your living areas the value they merit.

A New Era in Lighting

Alizoni is where people who believe in the power of light congregate because it has a broad selection and accepts bulk purchases. People who wish to experience a visual feast and begin each day with vigor prefer Moroccan lamps that are richly decorated with lovely patterns. Alizoni, which introduced a new age in lighting with its elegance, provides a distinctive ambience in the ambiance of the places.

We have combined Moroccan handcrafted examples that stand out with their motifs throughout history with lamps in our brand. The Moroccan lamp is quite practical, giving the interiors both an ethnic and unique appeal. These lights are a particular production that may be used in many different locations, including your home, invitation rooms, hallways, and other spaces.

Bulb types with the necessary wattage can be used in our Moroccan Lamps. Because the bulbs that can be used everywhere are employed in the production of our lights. All of our lamps are made using only the best materials. Moroccan Lamps are all handmade and feature high-quality materials that offer a long service life.

Our Featured Lamps

Beautiful Moroccan Brass Chandelier

Beautiful Moroccan Brass Chandelier
Beautiful Moroccan Brass Chandelier

Beautiful Moroccan Brass Chandelier is a great handmade ceiling fixture decoration. Ideal interior design for any area in your house, including the office, living room, entryway, and bedroom. When lit, this hanging lamp creates a stunning appearance in the space, lending your interior design a Moroccan and oriental flair.

Handmade Moroccan Sconce Wall Lamp (Set of 2)

Handmade Moroccan Sconce Wall Lamp (Set of 2)
Handmade Moroccan Sconce Wall Lamp (Set of 2)

This Handmade Moroccan Sconce is the ideal interior design for each space in your house, including the workplace, living room, entryway, and bedroom.
When lit, this wall light fixture creates a beautiful impression in the space, adding a Moroccan and oriental touch to your interior design.

Hand Made Moroccan Floor/Table Lantern (Set of Two)

Hand Made Moroccan Floor/Table Lantern (Set of Two)
Hand Made Moroccan Floor/Table Lantern (Set of Two)

You’ll be relieved to learn that purchasing exquisite Moroccan Hand Made Moroccan Floor/Table Lantern does not require you to make the lengthy trip. Lamps are a great place to start if you want to start giving your home a Moroccan feel. Since they are portable, you may subsequently relocate your collection from room to room. They already provide a gentler accent than the glaring above lights.