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Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light [BEST of 2023]


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Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light

Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light. Ideal interior design for bedroom, living room, entryway, and office spaces.
When lit, this wall light fixture creates a beautiful impression in the space, adding a Moroccan and oriental touch to your interior design.
Our skilled and experienced craftsmen handcraft all the engravings and designs, ensuring the highest quality for all of our products.

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Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light

This Wall Light made of brass is intended to accentuate the unique charm of your home’s interior decor. This Moroccan art piece will perfectly match your existing décor and enhance the ambience by filling in the dark areas while leaving the remaining space peaceful and serene thanks to exclusive bespoke lighting designs from Alizoni.

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Why Are Wall Lights Essential for Home Decor?

Lighting can restore the attractiveness to the inside of your home. By creating an atmosphere in your modest home, it improves the appearance of your furnishings and raises the aesthetic appeal. Wall lights are a significant component of this lighting.

Sconces and wall lights work well for accent, task, and ambient lighting. Despite their usefulness and adaptability, these are frequently overlooked.

Various Purposes

Wall lights can be utilized to create a focal point in the space with brighter versions and to set the mood with softer variants. In actuality, ambient lighting, job lighting, and accent lighting may all be accomplished using wall lights.

By strategically positioning wall lights next to bathroom mirrors, you may create useful task lighting that doesn’t cast shadows from overhead lights. Additionally, one that is adjustable might be put next to your sofas or by your bedside for reading needs.

Wall lamps and sconces with gentle and subtle brilliance can be used to create the right atmosphere in a living area when it comes to ambient lighting. This will enhance the ambiance of any space and increase the coziness of your décor.

Wall lamps help with accent lighting by drawing attention to specific areas or objects in your home. This may improve safety by lighting stairs and dimly lit areas, and it can also enhance the appeal of your interiors by highlighting exquisite and fascinating features like a lovely artwork, a showpiece, or other items in your home. The Movie Wall Light from By Living is a fantastic option for this use. This futuristic lighting can be focused on whatever you want to highlight.

As a result, it may satisfy a variety of purposes and is appropriate for all lighting needs.

Space-saving and Improved Settings

A wall lamp may save a lot of room, making spaces more functional. It can take the place of the desk lamps by your bed, freeing up space on the desk for other things.

Wall lights can also be used to enhance the ambiance of any space. Utilize wall lights that illuminate the walls in a tiny space. Similar to how you may utilize numerous small, evenly spaced wall lights to create a pleasant atmosphere in a bigger space.


Wall lights are adaptable; you may use them in every room of your home.

  • These can be positioned next to the mirrors in bathrooms to provide shadow-free face illumination.
  • These can be used in bedrooms instead of table lamps close to the bedpost to create a cozier and more friendlier atmosphere or as reading lights. For instance, By Living offers a Loft White Wall Light that can be height-adjusted and focused on specific parts.
  • Wall lights in a dining room can be used to highlight tables and eliminate the glare of overhead lights while making food look more appetizing.
  • These wall sconces are used in living areas to draw attention to decorative items like paintings and artwork. To avoid accidents, they can also be placed on the walls near to stairways.

In addition, wall lighting positioned at the proper distance can light the route and create welcome entrances. On the other hand, sconces that are permanently installed outside can serve as an aesthetic addition to your landscape and can increase safety by illuminating dim areas.

Well Assimilated with Other Lighting Sources

Wall lights blend in well with other light sources in your décor, including pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, and more. Dim wall lamps can be used for accent lighting on simple walls or to call attention to significant elements if a space has a large chandelier in the middle. Similar to how multiple pendant lights and globes can be used for ambient lighting in rooms, they can be quickly turned on and off when put next to the bedpost. They can be used over mirrors in restrooms together with other sources of brighter lighting. In other words, wall sconces can simply integrate into your home’s style and are accommodating.


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You might already have a light fixed to your wall for use. However, for those who desire to connect it. By default, we include a cord, plug, and bulb. We put in a standard socket for Europe. If you are in the US, all you need to do is add an adapter.

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