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Self Adhesive Tile


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Self Adhesive Tile

Our tile decals are the ideal way to update your home’s outdated tiled sections on the walls and floors as well as to transform the appearance of existing ceramic tiles! Since they are washable, they are ideal for covering cracked or worn tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. They are appropriate for flooring and extremely durable in areas with high traffic because they are covered with an anti-slip film.

They can cover any flat surface, including furniture, walls, refrigerators, drawers, cabinet doors, appliances, metal, wood, etc., in addition to old, outdated ceramic tiles. They are also very simple to cut to size.

The newest interior design fads, as well as natural textures and materials, served as inspiration for our tile sticker collection. They won’t leave a mess and will instantly breathe life into any room. Even though our tile decals come with detailed instructions, installation is as simple as peeling and sticking!
They are a wonderful option for rental areas because they are simply peelable off, leaving no residue behind.

Self Adhesive Tile Installation

Installation with strong 3M backing foam tape that is peel and stick. You can avoid hiring contractors and save time and money by not needing specialized equipment, additional glue, or messy grouting.

The majority of people use it as a backsplash in kitchens, on steamy bathroom walls, in laundry rooms, around fireplaces, and on RVs. If you use glass glue or caulk to fill the joint, the waterproof performance will be improved.

Strong quartz glass, these mosaics in soft colors won’t fade, and you can make lovely designs with no end to your creativity.

It is recommended you purchase a minimum of 10% extra tiles to account for design cuts and patterns. Please capture all tiles for a project within one order, so multiple orders with long intervals may receive slightly different colors.


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