About Us

Welcome to Alizoni. Where clients are Queens, Kings and Princesses …seriously we see all our clients as kings and we are here to serve them. We Strive to provide the excellent most professional service that you deserve.


Our Mission

As part of Alizoni – seller or consumer, our mission is to make it easy and simple to do business anywhere at any place. We do this by giving sellers the ability to reach a global audience for their products while helping buyers to find products from sellers quickly and efficiently. The ability to enable buyers and sellers to have their own dashboard and portal.

One Stop Sourcing

Alizoni brings you thousands of products in different major categories including consumer electronics, jewelry, fashion and groceries. Buyers for our products are located in different countries and regions with an ability to exchange thousands of messages with the seller each day.

Diversified Procurement Solutions

As an eCommerce platform, we continue to innovate our service to help businesses do more, grow more and discover more opportunities online. Whether it is sourcing from your mobile phones, tablets or contacting sellers using their own languages.

Making Simple Solutions To Do Business Anywhere

Alibaba enables businesses to transform the way they want – sell, operate and improve their efficiencies as a seller. Our website portal will serve as their online infrastructure and marketing technology to reach consumers, while us helping merchants and businesses to leverage the power of new technology and engage users and consumers in a more efficient way.


Wrapping Up

We aim to provide a digital solutions and platform with core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and innovation initiatives. In addition, we have our payment gateway services and offer simple payment methods for consumers and merchants on our platform. Be part of Alizoni today and start selling your crafted products.