Moon-Star Perforated Decorative Lantern (Set of 2)


Our LED Solar Outdoor Lanterns are molded without the need of cables or external power. Installation is simple and quick without the use of tools.

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This solar Moon-Star Perforated Decorative Lantern (Set of 2) emits a brilliant beam of light on the floor. It enhances a pleasant environment in your home, and fills the surroundings with calmness and elegance. It is crafted of high quality iron and has a vintage attractive hollowed-out design.

Solar lanterns that are IP65 waterproof and weather resistant can blossom in the heat, rain, cold, snow, and frost with ease. You do not have to be concerned about the numerous types of terrible weather. This Moon-Star Perforated Decorative Lantern (Set of 2) is ideal for outdoor use because there is no chance of corrosion or damage.

The high-quality solar panel can automatically gather solar energy throughout the day and convert it to electricity, which is ecologically beneficial and saves energy. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about running out of batteries. There is no need to plug them in, and charging is completely free if you leave them out in the sun.


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