Temple Tower Moroccan Candle Lantern


This lamp produces a beautiful show of light and shadow. Exotic Moroccan design reminiscent of a temple tower.

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A popular choice for outdoor gatherings, this is a nice addition to any space. This colorful lantern will look great in your outdoor living area. This Temple Tower Moroccan Candle Lantern is made of iron with intricate workmanship.

Any time of the day, this lovely artwork is excellent. Unlike many solar-patterned lamps, these are still attractive in daylight. Their style is simplistic but elegant. Indoors and out, this is a fantastic décor item.

A beautiful exterior design evokes a Moroccan temple tower, while intricate panels produce a haunting halo of swirling illumination. This Temple Tower Moroccan Candle Lantern is a spellbinding emblem of passion from the Far East.


Product Information:

Color Black
Material Cast Iron
Item Dimensions LxWxH    4.13 x 4.13 x 13 inches
Item Weight 0.78 Pounds


About this item:

  • Crafted from Iron with fascinating metalwork
  • Exotic Moroccan styling resembling a temple tower
  • Creates a mesmerizing display of light and shadow
  • Elegant gift idea for friends and family
  • Fabulous decor item for both indoors and outdoors

Moroccan style lanterns are a preferred insider tip from many designers worldwide because of its exotic design and also the undeniable fact that these lanterns may be combined with everything. Whether within the lounge, bedroom or within the garden. This oriental candle lantern looks good everywhere. Different light effects give out a warm feeling at midnight. Temple Tower Moroccan Candle Lantern transforms the area into an area of folktale.

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Uniquely glamorous and authentic handcrafted with love and passion in our ateliers in Morocco by housewive artisans with extraordinary quality and checked within the UK, suitable for any decor and style.


Our lamps are handmade and are sent in original packaging to provide safe and secure delivery.


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