Moroccan Light-Penetrating Ceiling Light


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This Moroccan Light-Penetrating Ceiling Light has a lovely light that penetrates the room and adds a lovely touch to any home.

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Moroccan Light- Penetrating Ceiling Light has a penetrating light shade that allows a pattern of light to shine across the room, giving any space a lovely touch.

These lights are produced using a one-of-a-kind handcrafted process.

Best described as contemporary meets ornate traditional, this rustic lantern chandelier light throws some amazing shadow-like patterns due to its detailed cut-out design.

Simple yet effective, the metal light is colored in an exceeding copper distressed finish. Its form gives the sunshine a useful depth: ideal for deep energy light bulbs. Light is obtainable in unused condition and remains within the manufacturer’s box.

The light works with the foremost contemporary or traditional of decors. A very attractive light: ideal for those who favor the virtues of a chandelier but seek a more rustic yet modern alternative. Ideal for hallways and landings, but very effective in main rooms too.

A useful design trick is that the nose of the sunshine (the underside) is hinged, meaning assembly or bulb replacement is straightforward, unlike other designs on the market.

Product Details:

Type:Pendant Lamp



Additional Material:PVC

Weight:3 kg



Height:85 cm

Width:30 cm

Depth:30 cm

Diameter:30 cm

Cord Length:44 cm

Moroccan style lanterns are a preferred insider tip from many designers worldwide because of its exotic design and also the undeniable fact that these lanterns may be combined with everything. Whether within the lounge, bedroom or within the garden. This oriental candle lantern looks good everywhere. Different light effects give out a warm feeling at midnight. Moroccan Light-Penetrating Ceiling Light transforms the area into an area of folktale.



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