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Single Painted Wooden Vase Home Decor “AUTUMN COLLECTION”


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‌Enhance your décor with this stylish single painted wooden vase home décor “Autumn Collection”.

‎These natural wooden vases with subtle and elegant style thanks to the combination of satin paint and high gloss lacquer.

The vases can be filled with fresh or dry flowers, branches with pine cones, dry leaves, etc. Available in a variety of colors that you can choose from in this single painted wooden vase and give your living or working space a trendy and romantic feel!

DIMENSIONS: 3,5 inch high and 2,3 inch wide (9 cm x 6 cm) – made from sycamore wood – painted in beautiful colors – adorns wonderful a desk, windowsill, or table 

User guidelines: – Note that these vases are not water-proof, so please do not pour water in them; – To do this use the supplied plastic container; 

Note: Do not fill up the container completely (the level of water will increase when you put flowers into it).

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Brown, Milk Coffee, Beige, Mustard

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