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Handmade Knitted/Crochet Bag


Diameter 24 cm / 9,44″
Depth 10 cm / 3,94″
Handle Length 135 cm / 53,15″

It is unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind.
This stylish bag will add class to your daily look. It is the perfect accessory to dress up.
I personally knitted this with organic materials and it took me a week to complete this one. If you want one but personalized, just send me a message.

Processing 1-4 Days | Shipping 2-3 Weeks


Carrying a small bag like this Handmade Knitted Bag | Crochet Bag allows you to be more mobile and liberated; you have less to carry and worry about. It encourages people to adopt a minimalist lifestyle (while lying about it) by reducing their daily essentials to a small number of items.

Handbags are handy for transporting daily necessities as well as for expressing one’s personal style. Bags are where women keep their various possessions such as mobile phones, keys, money, and some essential mini beauty products.

A bag is essential to every style, and you may have as many as you like to match your clothing. Since the fashion industry has designed styles that are particularly attractive to women, it has become a closet staple. It is not just about the design; manufacturers have also been huge on fashion bags.

Crochet bag is a favorite go-to accessory. The stiffer, sturdier, less elastic construction of crochet stitches is ideal for the crochet bag. Round bags are making a comeback! This Handmade Knitted Bag is a circular crossbody purse that is both useful and attractive. It uses a double crochet tapestry technique and is crocheted in the round.

It is  not common to find a structured bag made entirely of motifs in the world of crochet, but this bag rises to the challenge. Structure is provided by a well-finished double lining with plastic inserts. The end result is a one-of-a-kind handbag that is stunning from every angle.

This beautifully designed crossbody bag is the essential accessory for all your summer explorations, whether you are traveling for the summer or just running errands at home.

What to use when washing this handbag?

Gentle washing detergents should be used:

To avoid chemical reactions, use a detergent designed for delicate or baby clothing to wash crochet bags.

If you find damaged, defected or wrong shipped product then kindly contact with your relevant vendor