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Handmade Traditional Moroccan Basket


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A handmade traditional Moroccan basket is a bag handmade in the souks of Morocco and is from 100% palm leaf straw. A very long time ago, a Moroccan basket has been used in the Maghreb to fill with fruits and vegetables. The traditional Moroccan basket is the perfect ideal shopping bag.

This large basket sometimes has 2 long straps, so you can carry it on your shoulder. While there is a Moroccan basket that has 2 short straps to hold it in hand very comfortably. This Moroccan basketwork is renowned for its solid yet supple quality made of high-quality palm leaves. These baskets are also light, great for storage, ecological, ethical, and pretty, all in all, an indispensable accessory.

The Moroccan basket is also an ideal beach bag. It can hold all your beach essentials including a very large towel. If you’re having separation anxiety with the beach and wish to prolong that holiday feel and stay cool and elegant, you can still carry the Moroccan basket to the town.

You can use this eco-friendly Moroccan basket on many occasions. You can use it to the market, going for a picnic, at the beach, and even street shopping. Everybody will surely love this Traditional Moroccan Basket and of course, it will make a perfect gift for your loved ones. A practical and stylish design perfect for everyday use!

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