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Beluta Copper Chandelier


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Our store offers you Beluta Copper Chandelier to help you achieve a gorgeous and elegant space in your home.

You can use this lighting fixture commonly in the dining room also to create a statement in any room like the living room, bedroom, and patio. The glamour and sheer exuberance of a lighting fixture can transform a space.

While thinking of chandeliers, have you ever thought of having a Moroccan interior in your place and even wanted to achieve that Moroccan-inspired chandelier? Moroccan pendants are one of the very interesting décors for a Moroccan theme-inspired interior as they are stunning and elegant.

Nothing says grace, grandeur, and coziness better than majestic Moroccan Lighting. And if the chandeliers happen to be embroidered, embellished, and handcrafted by expert Moroccan artisans, you have at your hands, an exquisite piece of pure aesthetic pleasure.

If you were thinking of installing a Moroccan chandelier in your space, then why not have this Beluta Copper Chandelier.

About this chandelier

This gorgeous, exotic, and unique Beluta copper lighting fixture is hand-hammer in Marrakesh – Morocco. Its design is beautifully handmade by the Moroccan artisans. It is made of copper and has an antique look that will give a special atmosphere to your home. As we know that Moroccan designs are gorgeous and intricate, the Beluta copper pendant is one of them.

Traditional Moorish palaces and homes in Morocco still uses this Beluta copper lighting fixture. You can also see this in some hotels and restaurants.

This kind of lighting fixture creates a different ambiance in any space because of its beautiful pattern. You can see its real beauty when turn on and see the beautiful reflection of the patterns on the wall.

Having a Beluta copper pendant as part of your house décor will make your space a Moroccan-inspired one. It will also become part of a conversation piece among your guests.

Measures 33″ x 12″

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