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Lawna Kssar Moroccan Chandelier


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The Lawna Kssar Moroccan Chandelier is unique since they have a pattern on the shade that will form some light pattern on the wall when you use it. This is what make Moroccan home décor feels romantic and unique. That is why you should try to use Moroccan lightning if you want to get the authentic feeling on your house.

Beautiful and unique lanterns are also one of the reflections of Moroccan homes. Moroccan lanterns also add a little mysterious and exotic touch to your home interiors. Lanterns have a rich, exotic history and its design is the combination of many cultures. Moroccan lanterns irradiate a rustic feel, and yet it adds a sense of other worldliness. But when lit in a darkened room, its beauty can be truly appreciated.

The Lawna Kssar is an example of unique and rustic lantern that is truly one-of-a-kind pieces of work. It will add both unique and exotic touches to indoor or outdoor patio space.

This Lawna Kssar is 100% intricately handmade by Moroccan artisans with multi-stain glass. It includes rich and bright colors like blue, red, and yellow with their different shades.

This Moroccan chandelier draws incredible patterns in the room and gives a good mood and invites to relax and unwind, and also helps to focus and think.

This Lawna Kssar Moroccan Chandelier will definitely a jaw dropping décor to your house and also adds a romantic and authentic feeling to your house. A beautiful lantern that will also enhance every home and style.

  •  Measures 27″ x 11″
  • Light fixtures are not included

Place a Moroccan Chandelier in Your Space and Experience the Warmth and Beauty of Moroccan Lighting.

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