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Granada Blue Lantern


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Granada Blue Lantern

There are so many things that the beautiful country Morocco has to offer to the people. From its warm hospitable people and culture to fantastic tasty foods to its beautiful places and its wonderful and extraordinary architectures and designs. Morocco is an inspiring and magical place.

One of the products that Moroccans can be proud of is their handicrafts and that is the manufacturing of chandeliers, lamps, and lanterns. Works made only by the hands of talented artisans. They create chandeliers, lamps, and lanterns with intricate patterns and designs.

Morocco is one of the best producers of incredible and unique designs of chandeliers and especially lanterns.

This is a unique lantern created by the hands of the expert of Marrakesh. It has green, blue, amber, white, and red stain glass. This lantern has a lot of details, great workmanship, all handmade in Morocco.

This lantern measures 28” high x 11” wide.

This Granada Blue Lantern is a great investment for your Moroccan-inspired house interior. A sturdy lantern that also adds visual interest in a subtle, yet dramatic way.

This kind of lantern will also brighten your interior space and also a suitable addition to your Moroccan design inspiration home. Simple yet unique that will impress your guests in this Granada Blue Lantern.


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