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Demna Lantern


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Demna Lantern is used to illuminate surrounding space and it could be portable or fixed to a place. Lanterns can be used as any kind of a light source, for signaling, decoration, religious rituals, or celebrations.

Nowadays, lanterns are used as part of a home decoration especially for Moroccan houses and Moroccan theme-inspired houses.

If you are looking to add a little mysterious and exotic touch to your home or exterior, Moroccan lanterns may be just what you are looking for. Moroccan lanterns are rich in history and a combination of many cultures.

Moroccan lanterns & interior lighting are much vibrant than any other theme, just like the Demna Lantern. A gorgeous lantern that will certainly add an exotic touch to any room.

This Demna lantern evokes a sense of mystery, intrigue, and antiquity. It is heavily detailed, with textured, colored glass and filigree metal frames that are intricately crafted by Moroccan artisans. The lantern has a size of 27” tall x 11” wide which is perfect for small space.

This Demna lantern is a perfect lamp décor in your living area, patio, and even in the garden. The kind of lantern that will create a different ambiance because of its design and also when light up. It will give a unique and mysterious glow to your space which is a perfect choice if you want to incorporate some Moroccan design inspiration into your home.

Surely, investing in home decors like this Demna lantern will not be regretted as it will surely last for years and its beauty will never fade. This kind of lantern will also complement various themed events like weddings and parties.


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