Solar-Powered Penetrating Moroccan Hanging Light


This great and Stunning Light-Penetrating Moroccan Ceiling Light was created using a one-of-a-kind handcrafted process.

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This Solar-Powered Penetrating Moroccan Hanging Light not only improves the ambiance of your home, but it also elevates the mood due to its relaxing effects.

A light penetrating lantern that allows an effect of light to radiate all around the room, offering a lovely touch to any space.

Size : 33 x 33 x 51 cm

Morocco Light Lanterns solar garden is good for decorating in any season in any place: your table, pathway, lawn, courtyard or Outdoor. Designed with warm white LED, illuminates table, and outdoor while showing off the gorgeous flower pattern. Simply press the switch to on position, easy installation, No wiring required. Safe for indoor or outdoor use. For brighter, longer-lasting light at the hours of darkness, please place in areas that receive full sun during the day to permit for optimum charging time.

Our ceiling light is a lovely fusion of contemporary and vintage design. It has a contemporary geometric shape in the middle, yet classical ornaments are also present above and below. Hand-cut and hand-engraved brass details are used to create the light’s intricate detailing. The light casts a mesmerizing honeycomb-like pattern on the neighboring walls and other surfaces when it is turned on.


Uniquely glamorous and authentic Moroccan Hanging Light handcrafted with love and passion in our ateliers in Morocco by housewives artisans with extraordinary quality and checked within the UK, suitable for any decor and style.

We offer a unique lantern with Moroccan ancient design inspiration. Brass makes up its exterior, which is encircled by colorful glass. The lantern’s doors have an antique Moroccan door appearance. This lantern is available in two sizes and may be used both inside and outside. It may be set down on a table or hung from a wall. It can also be used as a coffee table lamp.


Our lamps are handmade and are sent in original packaging to provide safe and secure delivery.


Create a soothing and romantic atmosphere with the authentic effect of the Moroccan Hanging Light.

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