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Moroccan Vintage Ceramic Tagine


Have you been to Morocco and tried the famous delicious stews: the legendary tagines cuisine? Did you know that both the pot and the dish are called tagine? So tagine is a dish and also a cooking pot.

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Moroccan Vintage Ceramic Tagine

A tagine pot is a cone-shaped clay cooking vessel with a round and shallow base topped by a conical lid. The two pieces make a kind of clay oven and it was traditionally placed on an open fire for cooking.

Most tagines are made of clay and some are ceramic tagine. Tagine is traditional cookware ideal for rich, slow-cooked stews of meat, poultry, or fish and makes a perfect one-pot meal to share at a dinner party.

This Moroccan Vintage Ceramic Tagine is a handmade glazed decorated tagine with geometric patterns. Though it’s not intended for cooking purposes, this Moroccan Tagine is ideal home décor. It can also be used as a nut bowl or a spicy bowl in your kitchen.

Having a Tagine in your house as part of your decoration is also something unique and unusual if you’re not a Moroccan.

Product Dimension:

13cm W x 11.5 cm H

300 grams

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