Floral Cutouts Decorative Solar Lantern


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This Floral Cutouts Decorative Solar Lantern warm, shimmering light will bring a bit of glitz and refinement to any garden or patio.

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Floral Cutouts Path lights are a simple and inexpensive way to add style to your residence, and this Floral Cutouts Decorative Solar Lantern are the ideal answer! Solar Lantern Lights may be utilized as tree lights, patio lights, garden table lamps, front and back porch décor, or balcony lighting. The warm light will create a lovely pattern on the wall, window, or table top, giving your home a unique look.

These solar-powered patio outside lights are handy and cost-effective. Allow the solar panel to be charged up during the day by placing it in direct sunlight. The light will come on automatically at night, and the working period can be up to 8 hours.


Product description:

Size:1 Pack  |  Color:Retro Lantern



Auto turn on/off

Material: Special alloy (silver plating)

Light color:Warm White

Light Source: LED

Lamp Size: 40 cm * 20 cm / 15.8 in * 7.9 in


Working Time: 10-12 hours(when getting enough sunlight)

Charging time:6-8 hours

waterproof level:IP65

Package Includes:1 *  lantern (with handle)

Energy saving、Easy installation、Classical art decoration


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