Dimmable Vintage Pendant Light


The Dimmable Vintage Pendant Light has a carved glass design that gives your home an exquisite artistic tone.

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Level up your home decor with Dimmable Vintage Pendant Light.

This Dimmable Vintage Pendant Light is an excellent choice for creating a retro rustic ambiance in your house. The stained glass has the appearance of an oil painting. Simple and beautiful. This lamp, which has a honey color, will produce a wonderful warm light to brighten your rooms and give your family and guests a relaxed summer atmosphere. It’s simple to put together; simply plug it into any regular wall socket and hang it from the ceiling.

nTechnical Details:


Uniquely glamorous and authentic Vintage Pendant Light handcrafted with love and passion in our ateliers in Morocco by housewive artisans with extraordinary quality and checked within the UK, suitable for any decor and style.


Our lamps are handmade and are sent in original packaging to provide safe and secure delivery.


Create a soothing and romantic atmosphere with the authentic effect of the Vintage Pendant Light.

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