Moroccan Corridor Runner


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Dimensions : 65 cm x 317 cm = 2.1 ft x 10.4 ft
Material : Wool of sheep

Do you have a boring and empty corridor ?

This Corridor Runner is for you, made within the highest mountains of Morocco by hardworking tribeswomen who made absolute to make it perfect for you.

Long and narrow. This elegant runner rug contains subtle colors which makes it simple and suitable to any lifestyle. And also made for prime traffic area.

This Corridor Runner is ideal for your hall or stairs. Thick and soft. You’ll definitely feel comfortable standing or sitting in it.


Fit corridors and other walking areas with beautiful carpet carefully crafted to visualise the hotel story and identity while creating a welcoming ambience for all guests also. Refined patterns and interesting structures bring atmosphere and luxury to any private or shared area.

Enjoy the unique feeling of soppy, luxurious carpet under your feet. additionally, carpet effectively reduces noise from adjoining rooms and corridors, which is vital to confirm a pleasurable and relaxing stay for tourists and business travelers.

We offer a good selection of high-quality rugs and wall-to-wall carpets particularly fitted to walking areas and corridors. Thus, we guarantee the profitability of your carpet investment on all parameters, for example when it involves look, durability and maintenance.

Moroccan Colored Rug: Made from 100% Natural Sheep Wool, this gorgeous Living Room Carpet is heaven for your feet and will add style and coziness to any space. It is very fluffy and comfortable to walk on.
These rugs are the greatest option for your needs because they complement various interior design trends, including traditional, bohemian, minimalist, modern, and Scandinavian. The world’s top home décor magazine has also featured rugs from Beni Ourain on its cover.

What are Moroccan Carpet Called?

Due to the fact that many Berber tribes in North Africa and the Sahara make traditional Moroccan tribal rugs, they are also known as Berber rugs. According to local access to natural plants, vegetation, and minerals for dyes, knotting patterns, and the temperature of that region of Morocco, each tribe has its own distinctive style.

Why are Moroccan Rugs so Popular?

Moroccan rugs are among the most well-liked rugs in the world and have long been appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship. These distinctive rugs are handwoven from wool and cotton and frequently embellished with elaborate geometric patterns and vibrantly colored dyes.

Is Moroccan Carpet Durable?

Corridor Runner is of exceptionally high quality and durability, which is why they are frequently found in homes, businesses, and other high traffic areas around the world. They are more cost-effective than plush carpets and typically stain-resistant. To avoid wear patterns, be care to clean these floor accents every 6 to 12 months.

Scope of application:

hall; entrance; door; outdoor; living room; lobby; kitchen; east- west room; living room; restroom; veranda ; entrance hall; bedroom,etc.
Bottom description:
non-woven fabric. Thenon-slip part at the bottom has superanti-slip effect and breathability.
Anti-skid dustproof; water absorption; wear resistance;anti-skid; erosion resistance.

Product advantages:

1) The fabric feels soft and comfortable, soft to the touch,anti-static andanti-static.
2) Easy to clean, can be directly washed by washing machine or by hand, without falling out or fading.
3) No peculiar smell, no dangerous logistics; strong immersion.
4) Wear- resistant and durable, washing fastness is above grade 3, and it’ll noway fade.


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