Copper Moroccan Light-Penetrating Pendant Light


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This Copper Moroccan Light-Penetrating Pendant Light is a very appealing light: excellent for people who appreciate the benefits of a chandelier but want a more rustic but modern option.

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The rustic Copper Moroccan Light-Penetrating Pendant Light is best described as modern meets opulent traditional. It casts some stunning shadow-like patterns owing to its elaborate cut-out design.

The metal lamp is in a copper distressed finish and is simple yet effective. Its design provides the light useful depth, making it suitable for low-energy light bulbs.

The light measures 180mm (just over 7 inches) diameter. This is the maximum width/diameter of the light.

The light has a total hanging depth of 340mm (just over 13.5 inches) plus the length of your own cable flex leading to you lamp or bulb holder.


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