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Authentic Moroccan copper teapot with dome


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Authentic Moroccan copper teapot with dome

TheAuthentic Moroccan copper teapot with dome is the ideal complement to the Copper Breakfast Set on any beverage serving table.

The hammered teapots’ rough antique style gives any drink gathering a vintage feel. These Moroccan-style teapots are tastefully made to function as stand-alone serving urns for coffee or tea as well as an addition to a more formal dinner party. The robustness of Authentic copper single Moroccan teapot makes them ideal for setting a table with both freshly brewed tea or coffee and hot water for both.

The Authentic copper single Moroccan teapot’s lovely vintage appearance would be a welcome addition to any small gathering or even larger events and parties. On the Copper Breakfast Set in any parlor environment, or even by themselves on a table in a fine dining establishment, these teapots would look lovely.

These Authentic Moroccan copper teapot with dome is an excellent complement to any kitchen serving set because they are inexpensive and sturdy.

  • High-class copper teapot
  • Our products are made of high-quality copper
  • The teapot is 100% handcrafted by Moroccan brass artisans
  • Preparing tea in a copper teapot makes you go through a very special experience

Why Copper?

Copper is healthier known than the other metal for its ability to evenly distribute heat and conduct it rapidly on its surface. For this reason, it’s used worldwide as a highly efficient heat conductor and is especially preferred thanks to its ability to quickly bring water to a boil (some pots / jugs product of brass don’t heat, but don’t heat). It has brass handles to cool down the pots touches. The pot is formed of 1mm thick copper (almost twice as thick as what looks the same!) it’s easy to keep, you only need to occasionally clean it with a soft damp cloth.


– Do not touch inside of the pan with metal.

– Clean your pan by hand and avoid the dishwasher.

– Do not use in microwave.

– Dry the copper pan with a soft cloth.

– Avoid using when tin is peeled.

Make the copper teapot your companion and show people your taste and respect for the treasures of history

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