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Copper Breakfast Set

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Copper breakfast set consists of:

  • Original single copper frying pan with two handles with two session sets: teapot tray and two glasses as a gift
  • It can go from stove to table for instant service thanks to its elegance and authenticity
  • Our products are made of high-quality copper
  • 100% original copper set by Moroccan brass craftsmen
  • An excellent complement in the kitchen, they enrich the culinary horizons of all chefs, hobbyists, and professionals
  • Preparing food in the copper pan makes you go through a very special experience
  • Since it is handmade, each product may differ from the other by decorative engraving
  • Measurement: Copper frying pan: length * width * diameter: 4 * 21 * 16 cm
  • High class Copper Breakfast Set



Copper is healthier known than the other metal for its ability to evenly distribute heat and conduct it rapidly on its surface. For this reason, it’s used worldwide as a highly efficient heat conductor and is especially preferred thanks to its ability to quickly bring water to a boil (some pots / jugs product of brass don’t heat, but don’t heat). It has brass handles to cool down the pots touches. The pot is formed of 1mm thick copper (almost twice as thick as what looks the same!) it’s easy to keep, you only need to occasionally clean it with a soft damp cloth.


– Do not touch inside of the pan with metal.

– Clean your pan by hand and avoid the dishwasher.

– Do not use in microwave.

– Dry the copper pan with a soft cloth.

– Avoid using when tin is peeled.


Make the Copper breakfast set your companion and show people your taste and respect for the treasures of history

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3 reviews for Copper Breakfast Set

  1. Jake Moras

    J’adore utiliser cet ensemble au petit-déjeuner, cela rend ma matinée encore plus merveilleuse !

  2. Alice Barradas

    They say using copper kitchenware is good for your health. Well, I totally agree! But not only that, this breakfast set is one of the reason why I look forward to having breakfast everyday.

  3. Cherry Laquinon

    PERFECT! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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