Set of 2 Hanging Moroccan Solar Lantern


It’s important to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. The Set of 2 Hanging Moroccan Solar Lantern have an exquisite aesthetic with a lovely hollowed-out pattern that generates a mellow yellow glow at night and creates a vibrant gorgeous pattern on the ground, adding a warm and pleasant environment to your yard.

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These Set of 2 Hanging Moroccan Solar Lantern are both decorative and functional. Simply place it in direct sunlight during the day to charge it, and the solar powered lanterns will turn on at night and turn off at dawn. There is no need for a power cable, there is no electricity expense, it is very energy efficient, and it is environmentally beneficial!

Our outdoor Set of 2 Hanging Moroccan Solar Lantern are waterproof to IP65 and may be used in wet, foggy, or snowy conditions. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage and will not be destroyed with time. Please don’t submerge the solar hanging lamp in water.

Technical Details:


Moroccan style lanterns are a preferred insider tip from many designers worldwide because of its exotic design and also the undeniable fact that these lanterns may be combined with everything. Whether within the lounge, bedroom or within the garden. This oriental candle lantern looks good everywhere. Different light effects give out a warm feeling at midnight. Set of 2 Hanging Moroccan Solar Lantern transforms the area into an area of folktale.

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