Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp


Decorate any space with a Moroccan style Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp that provides a nice low light and generates a warm romantic appeal.

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The Multicolor Moroccan Mosaic Table Lamp is decorated with mosaic glass that casts a colorful display across your walls and ceiling, and is inspired by the beauty of Moroccan design. Its antique-effect frame goes with any style, from traditional to bohemian, and when lit, it gives out a lovely warm glow.
The area is full of Moroccan flavor thanks to these table lights, which are paired with fresh gorgeous color and flowery design. It has a sleek and exotic appearance. I like the way it casts fractions of light on the wall and the ambiance it creates in the space.

Each lamp requires complex technological process and exquisite craftsmanship.

●Fire and blow a transparent glass lampshade

●Hand cutting the colours glass into small shapes

●Paste dedicated colours glass on transparent lampshade to form a beautiful pattern

●Wait until the pattern get solid, we fill up the gaps between glass with cement carefully

●After that, it still needs renovate, conserve, polish and cleansing etc. to complete a lampshade

●Of cause, metal parts require special design and complex procedure as well to make them perfect match with lampshade

●Finally hopefully it can bring you a moment of pleasure

Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp

The stunning lamps that are made by fusing finely sculpted glass pieces together are known as Table Lamp.

Handmade elaborate patterns and carefully chosen colored glass make up this style of art.

Each piece of glass is precisely cut, molded, and assembled.

This Table Lamp is distinctive for its quality of construction and visual appeal.

The years of experience and expertise of the craftsmen go into creating each handmade lamp.

Homes, restaurants, hotels, and other locations benefit from the elegance and magic these lamps provide to the environment.

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