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Hanging Car Trash Can


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Hanging Car Trash Can


Using a car trash can while traveling or on vacation is a practical and convenient method to stay organized. which can maintain your automobile tidy, clean, and garbage-free.

Aluminum film liner is entirely leak-proof to protect spills and stains off carpet and upholstery

It has a premium PU leather surface and can hold wet or dry automotive waste. Both interior and outside cleaning is simple.

The car trash bag is easily hung from the backseat headrest, a car door, a piece of equipment inside your car, or the center console thanks to the ADJUSTABLE & DETACHABLE STRAP. The strap can be adjusted to achieve the ideal installation position.


This automotive rubbish bag serves as a storage bag for devices, picnic snacks, and other items, preventing loss and being handy for outdoor camping, climbing, and traveling, among other things.


The automobile trash can includes 10 pieces of liners, an adhesive hook, and two buttons on each side to secure the waste bag.


– installation method: This car trash can may be hang directly on the side of the car door and the back of the seat.

– Lid design: The car trash can has automatic rebound design.

– Waterproof design: You can put ice cubes into the car trash can to keep the food fresh during the trip.

– Function: Open the small lid of the car trash can to put shredded paper, peel and other small garbage. It can also be used as an ashtray. Open the big lid to store umbrellas and beverage bottles.


– Product name: Car trash can with lid

– Material: Plastic

-Color: Black/ White /Pink

– Size: 15.5x 6.5 x14 cm

– Capacity:1L

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