Handmade Vintage Design Moroccan Lamp


Once this Handmade Vintage Design Moroccan Lamp is lighted, you will notice a magnificent reflection that complements your furnishings while also standing out from the rest.

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Adding the finishing touches to make a bold statement is one of the most exciting aspects of decorating a house. This Handmade Vintage Design Moroccan Lamp adds beauty to your existing house decor with its intricate design that emits wonderful patterns when lit.

With this charming candle holder, you can fill your house with Provencal touches and antique appeal. To create a romantic mood, combine these elegant lanterns with candles. Use lovely lit lanterns to instantly brighten the night. Their warm, welcoming glow sets the tone for intimate gatherings or huge events.


    • Handmade
    • Materials: Metal
    • Height: 14 inches
    • Width: 10 inches

Outside Color: Black

Inside Color: Gold


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