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Handmade Babouches slippers an exquisite berber slippers, made of embroidered leather, decorated with surprising traditional patterns.

Traditional Moroccan slippers are an iconic characteristic of Moroccan culture and have been an integral part of the traditional clothing code for ages. The embroidered slipper, like the finest innovations, is as famous and valuable now as it has always been.

This Moroccan traditional embroidered slippers has original design and colors. It is also 100% handmade.

The slipper could be a heelless, open back, flat shoe made from pliable leather, typically raw hides of goats, cows, camels or sheep. The slippers personifies the Moroccan genius, through centuries, the artisans assemble the slippers by hand through a rigorous process of cleaning, drying, and dying until it reaches the correct level of softness to be more useful for what’s called “I’Balgha.” . The organic tanning methods and color dying with plant-based materials may be a patient and sustainable process refined from centuries of experience. The Moroccan slippers have leather soles and are designed for indoor use only on smooth, dry surfaces. they’re not suitable for outdoor or poolside wear. It’s recommended to wash the slippers with a dry or slightly damp cloth, keep use of water to an absolute minimum. If a cleaning product is required, choose one specifically designed for leather.

The soles are made up of natural leather and are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and every one quite occasions/ cloths. No chemicals used, No artificial coloring, all natural,100% handmade products.

The current slipper babouche is flat, light and with a pointed toe, it’s no quarter or heel. Between an authentic allure and a worked silhouette, it’s also a model responding to a desire for comfort and a return to the roots within the fashion world.



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