Floral Solar Decorative Lantern


This solar lantern will display a lovely butterfly and reveal wonderful patterns through the perforated holes. The Floral Solar Decorative Lantern is a beautiful light that may be used in gardens, courtyards, platforms, or walkways. In the dark, the warm white light creates unexpected visual effects.

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The Floral Solar Decorative Lantern is built of high-quality metal and plastic components, and it has a safe and stable structure as well as excellent weather resistance. It may be utilized in a variety of climates. This solar hanging lamp has an IP44 waterproof rating. Please note that the solar light should not be submerged in water.

This Floral Solar Decorative Lantern uses a high-efficiency solar panel with a built-in 1.2V ni-mh600mah battery that charges and discharges more quickly. After being completely charged, it can light up for roughly 8 hours.

Turn on the solar lamp’s switch and set it in enough direct sunshine to charge it. The solar panel collects the sun’s rays and transforms them to electricity. The light will come on automatically when night falls and switch off automatically when dawn arrives for charging.

Technical Details:


Uniquely glamorous and authentic Floral Solar Decorative Lantern handcrafted with love and passion in our ateliers in Morocco by housewive artisans with extraordinary quality and checked within the UK, suitable for any decor and style.


Our lamps are handmade and are sent in original packaging to provide safe and secure delivery.


Create a soothing and romantic atmosphere with the authentic effect of the Floral Solar Decorative Lantern.

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