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What are Moroccan Carpet Called?

Moroccan Carpet : Due to the fact that many Berber tribes in North Africa and the Sahara make traditional Moroccan tribal rugs, they are also known as Berber rugs. According to local access to natural plants, vegetation, and minerals for dyes, knotting patterns, and the temperature of that region of Morocco, each tribe has its own distinctive style.

Why are Moroccan Carpet so Popular?

Moroccan rug are among the most well-liked rugs in the world and have long been appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship. These distinctive rugs are handwoven from wool and cotton and frequently embellished with elaborate geometric patterns and vibrantly colored dyes.

Is Moroccan Carpet Durable?

Moroccan rug are of exceptionally high quality and durability, which is why they are frequently found in homes, businesses, and other high traffic areas around the world. They are more cost-effective than plush carpets and typically stain-resistant. To avoid wear patterns, be care to clean these floor accents every 6 to 12 months.




Scope of application:

hall; entrance; door; outdoor; living room; lobby; kitchen; east- west room; living room; restroom; veranda ; entrance hall; bedroom,etc.
Bottom description:
non-woven fabric. Thenon-slip part at the bottom has superanti-slip effect and breathability.
Anti-skid dustproof; water absorption; wear resistance;anti-skid; erosion resistance.

Product advantages:
1) The fabric feels soft and comfortable, soft to the touch,anti-static andanti-static.
2) Easy to clean, can be directly washed by washing machine or by hand, without falling out or fading.
3) No peculiar smell, no dangerous logistics; strong immersion.
4) Wear- resistant and durable, washing fastness is above grade 3, and it’ll noway fade.

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100x150cm, 120x160cm, 40x120cm, 40x60cm, 50x80cm, 80x120cm

3 reviews for Abstract Multicolored Carpet [HOT Selling]

  1. gavic44635

    Мне нравятся цвета этого ковра. У нас в коридоре постелили новый ковер, и мы в восторге от ковра и ребят, которые пришли его укладывать. Они проделали отличную работу, и ребята в магазине не могли бы быть более полезными. Обязательно буду покупать новый паркет у вас еще.

  2. virir14937

    Monsters in het verleden verslaafd me aan het product. Leuk dat bindingen worden voorgesteld bij vloerkleden.

  3. Blaire Kimberly

    This rug came as I expected it to look and feel! Great quality! I love that it is organic and sustainably made.

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