5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier


These 5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier are absolutely awesome. These lanterns are even more beautiful than you imagined it would be!

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This 5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier is perfect for your home!

If the house interior is a painted canvas, the lighting are the brushstrokes that determine its focus, mood, and ambience. The 5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier is perfect for your home!

With its simple sculptural shape and its pierced shades cast brilliant shadows onto the ceiling and onto the space around it while creating a focused light at the bottom. It provides an abundant, yet diffused light making it an ideal addition to dining and living spaces.

Easy to mount and use in your house or offices. Truly beautiful and artistic display of lights through hand assembled glass mosaics on a glass light with stainless-steel finish lamp fixture. Beautiful and chic handmade 5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier changes the entire mood of your living area once switched on and is incredibly complementing to any décor.

Each lamp is formed piece by piece with different shapes of small coloured glass will not fade and keeps its beauty forever.
The metalwork is in good quality which will not discolour or rust, we will assure you’ll have a stunning mosaic lamp that’s unique.


Uniquely glamorous and authentic handmade Turkish Mosaic handcrafted ith love and passion in our ateliers in Turkey by artisans with extraordinary quality and checked within the UK, suitable for any decor and elegance.


Our lamps are unique and are sent in original packaging to supply safe and secure delivery.


Create a soothing and romantic atmosphere with the authentic effect of the Turkish Mosaic Lamp.

The 5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier is suitable to be used in your room or within the hall and entrance. It’s also preferred to use in cafes and shops outside your home. You’ll be able to order our 100% 5 Globes Moroccan Chandelier from anywhere in the world. Our mosaic chandelier lamp model, which is also compatible with Moroccan mosaic lamp types, adds a different atmosphere to your living spaces.



Materials: Ceramic, fiberglass, glass, metal, stone

Height: 32 inches
Width: 15 inches
Depth: 15 inches

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