Mediterranean tile are widely used today and have become the first choice. It has become an important part of interior design. In the kitchen, bathroom, dining room countertop, even in the parking lot, terrace, and those used on the roof of each house, you will see several patterned tiles.

When installed in a specific space, the tiles create a different atmosphere. Choosing tiles for your home can be very difficult depending on what look you want. Some people choose white tiles over colored tiles, but some people prefer classic designs for their spaces.

Mediterranean Tile

For the classic atmosphere of your space, Mediterranean tiles are a perfect choice. Mediterranean tiles are primarily hand-painted tiles, including classic Italian majolica tiles, Mexican Talavera, Spanish, French, Tunisian tiles, and Dutch and Portuguese azulejo tile patterns.

Mediterranean tiles add sparkle to any space with their vibrant, nature-inspired colors, lively patterns, and exquisite crafts. Let’s explore more Mediterranean tiles and be amazed by their beauty and history.


Mediterranean tiles have been produced and used in most urbanized areas of the Mediterranean since the 19th century, and their technology is the same as that invented by the Arabs more than ten centuries ago. 

Mediterranean tiles vary by region of design and color palette. In Greece, the combination of blue and white predominates, Turkey is blue and turquoise, and in Italy, they are earth tones such as terracotta, olive, and green. 

Intricate and beautiful patterns are the main characteristics of these tiles and it shows that it has stood the test of time.

Using the Mediterranean Tile in your Space

Mediterranean tiles with colors and patterns make the space warmer and more livable. Mediterranean tiles are very durable and can be used on floors and walls, including bathroom floors, shower walls, kitchen backsplashes, and swimming pool water lines.


Mediterranean Tile kitchen

When used as a kitchen backsplash, Mediterranean tiles look great. Every beautiful kitchen needs a beautiful backsplash to tie it all together. You can make Mediterranean tiles your focus of attention by decorating the rest of the kitchen in neutral tones. 

You can also use Mediterranean tiles in a traditional way by going through the tiles on the countertop. Or you can make it as a decorative panel to highlight specific areas like sinks and stoves.


Mediterranean Tile bathroom

If you use Mediterranean tiles on the bathroom floor, wall, and shower, it will look very luxurious and refined. When using Mediterranean tiles in the bathroom, just express your freedom and be creative. 

You can install them continuously as a decorative border between two types of tiles, or you can use them as separate spaces and highlight specific areas. Blue or turquoise Mediterranean tiles are very suitable for bathroom floors or walls. Make the bathroom look simple, clean, and fresh. The bathroom with white and blue decor looks very relaxing and gives a spa feel to the bathroom.


Mediterranean Tile patio

Mediterranean tiles look absolutely stunning in areas such as terraces. Designers often incorporate Mediterranean tiles into terrace floors. If you have an underutilized outdoor area and it looks dilapidated, it is best to inject some functions and features into this space. 

Mediterranean outdoor tiles will enhance your terrace area, where you can sit with friends, sunbathe, and barbecue. Enjoy a summer party and bring the beauty of the Mediterranean to your backyard.

Different Kinds of Mediterranean Tiles

No word can describe the uniqueness and beauty of Mediterranean tiles. Mediterranean tiles are still a source of creative inspiration for almost all fields of art, design, and craftsmanship. If you have always dreamed of the rustic Maisons de maître in Provence, or the sparkling white Greek villas, or the chic desert Moroccan riads, but you know you will never be able to own real property, then why not consider recreating a Mediterranean style in your home starting from the floor.

Below are some of the favorite Mediterranean tiles that will help turn your dreams into reality.

Roman-style mosaic tiles

Roman-style mosaic tiles

The Mediterraneans were even very fond of fashion houses during ancient Roman times. Wealthy Roman homeowners were able to add impressive mosaic patterns to their floors and walls. The larger the size of the mosaic and the richer the details, the more it can indicate the wealth of the owner. 

Mosaics are often used as collages to depict scenes from fables and myths or to give certain symbolic meanings with animal and flower patterns. 

Mosaic tiles are still very popular today, there are a lot of different tiles to choose from, with endless finishes and effects. 

To truly imitate the ancient Romans, you need to create creativity by designing your inclusive mosaic statement on the floor, on the swimming pool, or even on the patio wall.

Patterned encaustic/cement tile

Patterned encaustic tile

Encaustic tiles have been a popular product for centuries for many reasons. One reason is that it is versatile and can be used in many different spaces. Compared with traditional painted tiles, painted cement tiles are particularly durable, so they can withstand heavier use and heavy blows over the years. 

Patterned encaustic or cement tile is composed of at least two (up to six) colors of clay, including the appearance and main body of the brick. Painted patterns are crucial to the composition of ceramics and will not wear out over time. 

Some popular places where patterned encaustic or cement tiles are used are the main living area and the floor of the bathroom.

Hexagonal terracotta tiles

Hexagonal terracotta tiles

These wonderful Mediterranean tiles are typical of southern France, but can also be found in Spain, Italy, and the North African countries along the Mediterranean.

They have existed for a long time since the late Roman Empire and were introduced to America in the 16th century. In France, various honeycomb tiles are called “tomettes”. They have become synonymous with the town of Salernes in Provence, which has been producing since 1830.

Terracotta bricks are made of selected natural clays, fired at a temperature of 1100°C, with excellent properties and strength, high color retention, and negligible maintenance requirements. Unlike other materials, terracotta tiles basically maintain their appearance over time and maintain the beauty of your home over time. 

Hexagonal Terracotta Tiles are an excellent example of Mediterranean outdoor tiles, perfect for your terrace. Using them outdoors, create a very relaxing mode and holiday vibe.

Black and white checkerboard

Black and white checkerboard tile

Checkerboard composite stone tiles have been around for a long time and are a very popular choice for tile flooring in the southern Mediterranean, especially when new buildings are being built after the war to replace lost ones. 

The checkerboard pattern is classic and elegant, eye-catching, and versatile. The checkerboard floor also looks strong, not for the faint-hearted, because it will dominate the room, but if done right, it can also reflect the feeling of confidence and elegance, you will think of the elegant design of the Mediterranean floor. 

You can use black and white checkerboard tiles in the hallway entrance or the kitchen or bathroom floor.

Travertine Tile

Travertine Tile

Beautiful Mediterranean rustic chiseled travertine tile is very elegant tiles for floors and walls. Travertine is a natural type of stone, like the granite of the kitchen and the marble of the bathroom. This type of stone is developed only around a specific type of mineral spring deposit and gives this unique type of limestone distinguish and a remarkable aspect. 

Mediterranean rustic chiseled travertine tile is one of the hottest and most elegant interior design trends of 2020. It is an excellent choice for flooring and backsplash for the kitchen.

Today, it is difficult to imagine building a house without tiles. From our kitchen to our bathroom, from our floor to our walls, they have become part of the building process. Mediterranean tiles will bring an astonishing beauty to any space you want to blend into.

Mediterranean tiles are the right ingredient to add style and personality to your home or business. Regardless of the latest trends, your colors will heat up in flat space and always look elegant.

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