7 Factors About E-Commerce SEO Audit

E-Commerce SEO Audit

If you have ended up at our website, the odds are that your e-commerce store does not have much organic traffic. But you already know the solution for it, that is SEO. As a website owner, you might have good sales due to paid campaigns but you might feel an important element missing that can drive long-term sales opportunities. Driving organic traffic to your e-commerce store or selling your products using SEO is the exact reason why you should know its important factors and do an e-commerce SEO audit. 

What Exactly Is an E-Commerce SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is nothing more than a simple evaluation of your webstore’s or website’s current SEO position. In other words, it is the practice of examining all the aspects that affect how the search engines see or perceive your website. 

Apart from that, the real purpose of an e-commerce SEO audit is to reveal and correct the existing SEO for e-commerce stores. So, you need to know about the basis or the factor of e-commerce SEO audit to improve your weakness.

e-commerce seo audit

On-Page SEO Audit

The practice by website owners to optimize individual site pages in order to have higher website rankings and earn organic traffic is known as on-page SEO. It refers to HTML code and the content visible on the website.

Why Do I Need an E-Commerce SEO Audit?

One of the common difficulties of website owners is competing with giant online websites like eBay and Amazon. If you want to stand a chance of appearing on top results, you need to adopt the best strategy and look at all factors of SEO for e-commerce stores. So, let’s begin with 7 crucial factors and tactical advice.

7 Factors About E-Commerce SEO Audit

Here are some factors that you need to evaluate during an SEO audit:

Link Building

No SEO audit is possible without finding and developing specific website internal and external links. Developing internal and external links is a crucial step in enhancing website credibility.

External Links

When it comes to developing external backlinks, domain authority always bolsters. Basically, various authoritative domains would improve your domain authority. By conducting in-depth research on established domains, you can build relevant links directing back to your website or webpage. Another way to boom up external links is to search for unlinked mentions. This would provide better results.

Internal Links

Internal link building requires you to focus more on website architecture, user experience, and artificial intelligence integration. What you can do is link the new content with anchor text for maintaining relevancy on your website.

Information Architecture

There’s a specific architecture how the information on your website is monitored and structured. When it comes to SEO audit, it is all about broadcasting link settings and configurations to transfer equity to the webpages on your website that requires it. 

Think Content

Evaluating thin content on your website is probably the most important factor during an SEO audit. However, you can identify thin content that has already failed to bring traffic to your website.

In order to identify thin content on your website, use credible SEO software that would crawl through your content and give you a detailed and brief report about the content’s length and quality.

Keyword Optimization

If you are wondering why your content is not doing so well on search engines despite putting in efforts, it is because the content is not keyword optimized. When carrying out an SEO audit, make sure you have engineered and refined a good keyword optimization strategy that could help your website to appear on top searches. 

Meta Tags/ Meta Description

Meta titles, meta description or in other terms, meta tags help search engines to crawl and index your website’s content. They are the most important aspects when it comes to getting your website on Google SERPs.

Apart from that, people would be able to find your website’s content, products, and information easily on Google.

If you already have meta descriptions on your website, try and inject some clickbaiting and catchy shopping terms.

Site Speed

One fact about website visitors and online shoppers is that they are impatient. For instance, if your website takes even 2 seconds more than your competitors’ websites, you would lose half of your potential customers. However, you can reduce the website loading time by:

Compression. It can reduce 90% of the load from website if you manage to reduce the files’ sizes. 


If you are still running your site on HTTP, its an outdated move and would not sell your products using SEO. 

What you can do is switch to HTTPS for a safer, reliable and faster website. While auditing your website’s SEO, make sure to convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS.


If you want to sell your product using SEO, running an SEO audit is a mandatory step. Paid campaigns can give you frequent sales but for long-term sales opportunities, optimizing your website for SEO is essential. 

If you are a drop shipper or an online website owner, we can feature your products and boost up your sales dramatically.

7 Factors About E-Commerce SEO Audit

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