Moroccan Waterproof Garden Solar Light


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This Moroccan Waterproof Garden Solar Light are ideal for decorating in a lot of different places throughout the year, including your flower bed, sidewalk, grass, and courtyard.

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The design of the Garden Solar Light appears to be rather lovely. With white LED design, it lights walkways and porches while displaying the lovely moon pattern. It’s as simple as turning on the switch; there’s no need for wiring.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Please position in areas that receive full sun throughout the day to enable for optimum charging time for brighter, longer-lasting illumination at night.

We offer a unique lantern with Moroccan ancient design inspiration. Brass makes up its exterior, which is encircled by colorful glass. The lantern’s doors have an antique Moroccan door appearance. This lantern is available in two sizes and may be used both inside and outside. It may be set down on a table or hung from a wall. It can also be used as a coffee table lamp.

Garden Solar Light Feature:


Auto turn on/off;

weather resistant; No wiring required;easy installation;

Batteries included;

Durable construction:Made of stainless steel and Glass,

Energy saving:design with 6 hours timer;

Great Performance even on rainy day.




Material: Glass+Stainless Steel

Light Source: LED

Solar panel:2V 80mA.

Power Supply: Solar

Storage Battery: Ni-MH 1.2V/AA600mah battery

Working Time: 6H(full charged)

Charging Time: 8H

Protection Level: IP44

Light Length: :7.5”x3”x40”.

Our Garden Solar Light is a lovely fusion of contemporary and vintage design. It has a contemporary geometric shape in the middle, yet classical ornaments are also present above and below. Hand-cut and hand-engraved brass details are used to create the light’s intricate detailing. The light casts a mesmerizing honeycomb-like pattern on the neighboring walls and other surfaces when it is turned on.


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