Moroccan Tealight Candle Lamp


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Beautiful Moroccan Tealight Candle Lamp, makes you smile every time it’s lit.

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Experience a sparkling joy from watching this Moroccan Tealight Candle Lamp. This stained glass and metal lamp will enchant your house.

All standard-sized tea lights and the beeswax candles in size 1 are compatible.

Candle Lamp

The Moroccan metal lamp is a beautiful lighting fixture that displays Morocco’s extensive creative legacy. This lamp exhibits the expert craftsmanship and focus on detail typical of Moroccan design by being painstakingly made with elaborate metalwork.

Size: diameter approx. 7 cm, height 20 cm

Material: stained glass and metal

Usage: for tea lights and our beeswax candles in size 1




Materials: red glass, metal

The lamp has a strong metal frame that is often constructed of copper or brass that has been expertly sculpted and embellished with elaborate designs and motifs. A rough and alluring surface is produced by the frequent hammering or engraving of the metalwork, which catches and scatters light in fascinating ways.

The captivating cut-out motifs are one of the Moroccan metal lamp’s distinguishing characteristics. When the lamp is turned on, the intricately hand-cut patterns in the metal produce a beguiling play of light and shadow. Frequently, the designs are influenced by traditional Moroccan characteristics like geometric shapes and arabesque motifs.

The metal lamp is frequently offered in a variety of sizes and designs, including floor lamps, table lamps, and pendant lamps. They can be utilized as eye-catching floor ornaments, hanging from the ceiling, or set on tables.

The Moroccan metal lamp provides a warm, welcoming glow when lit, adding a nice, enchanting feel to any room.

The Moroccan metal lamp adds a touch of sophistication, culture, and ageless beauty to any interior design, whether it is employed as a main point or an accent piece. Its distinctive fusion of traditional workmanship and artistic flare makes it an outstanding complement to homes, restaurants, hotels, or any other space looking to create a calming and culturally rich atmosphere.



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