Moroccan Decorative Lantern


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With the exquisite mix of beauty and functionality, this Moroccan Decorative Lantern adds a lovely touch to any area of your house.

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The life-size antique Moroccan Decorative Lantern, with its glass panes, unique top, and faded white with gold brush powdering design frame, exudes an air of old world charm.

Fantastic interior and outdoor décor day and night; eye-catching decoration for tables, bars, patios, and porches. For many various types and themes, such as rustic, beach, coastal, nautical, or farmhouse, this lantern makes an awesome home décor accessory or centerpiece.

With this lovely Moroccan Decorative Lantern, you may add Provencal accents and vintage appeal to your decor. These ornamental lanterns can be combined with candles to make a stunning exotic table centerpiece with a romantic atmosphere.


4″ x 4″ x 9.5″ tall, 11 1/2″ tall with loop.

STURDY BUILD Moroccan Decorative Lantern

This vintage lantern is made of metal with a rustic antique copper finish, hand painted accents, glass panels, a metal top, and a metal ring. Stained glass panels significantly lessen glass breakage when decorative lanterns are subjected to environmental conditions.


This enticing amethyst hanging lantern adds some international flair to your decor by drawing inspiration from Turkish bazaars and Moroccan hookah clubs. This unusual structure, which is made of iron and has a bronze finish, has a hexagonal prism shape and features elaborate cuts, scroll openwork, and a chimney roof. This item emits light through patterned purple glass for a soothing glow with the addition of a tealight candle or flameless LED.


Candlelight can create a relaxing atmosphere on calm nights. For a romantic touch, hang this lantern from your windows, mantels, and porch steps. With the help of our lovely candle lanterns, enliven your hallways and entranceways this holiday season. Additionally, rustic decor is perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, outdoor patios, bridal showers, dinner parties, weddings, and other special occasions. Lanterns can be exhibited both inside and outside, but only in enclosed areas.

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