Moroccan Boho Gourd Lamp


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This Moroccan Boho Gourd Lamp is beautifully crafted, has the perfect size and definitely worth the wait.

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This lamp has lovely patterns on a gourd with a finely carved wood base. A unique pattern of light produces an exceptional ambiance that will entirely transform your daily environment when sunset arrives, and the small size and beautiful style will blend perfectly with any home design.

STURDY BUILD Moroccan Boho Gourd Lamp

This vintage lantern is made of metal with a rustic antique copper finish, hand painted accents, glass panels, a metal top, and a metal ring. Stained glass panels significantly lessen glass breakage when decorative lanterns are subjected to environmental conditions.


This enticing Moroccan Boho Gourd Lamp adds some international flair to your decor by drawing inspiration from Turkish bazaars and Moroccan hookah clubs. This unusual structure, which is made of iron and has a bronze finish, has a hexagonal prism shape and features elaborate cuts, scroll openwork, and a chimney roof. This item emits light through patterned purple glass for a soothing glow with the addition of a tealight candle or flameless LED.


Candlelight can create a relaxing atmosphere on calm nights. For a romantic touch, hang this lantern from your windows, mantels, and porch steps. With the help of our lovely candle lanterns, enliven your hallways and entranceways this holiday season. Additionally, rustic decor is perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, outdoor patios, bridal showers, dinner parties, weddings, and other special occasions. Lanterns can be exhibited both inside and outside, but only in enclosed areas.

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1 bulb / On/Off Switch / Power Supply

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6.5 in (15 x 15 x 17cm)

Gourd size: 5-6in ( 13-15cm)

Included: 1 bulb / On/Off Switch / Power Supply

Light bulb: 1W LED bulb

Light output: 400 Lumens

Voltage: 100-240V

Wire length: 39in (1 meter)

Moroccan Lamps

Do you like to give your house or exterior a little bit of an eerie and exotic feel? Moroccan Pendant can be exactly what you need. Moroccan lamps have a fascinating history and a design that combines elements of African, European, and Asian civilizations. They give off a rustic vibe while also introducing an otherworldly quality. Their beauty is best appreciated when illuminated in a dimly lit space. A lovely “starry” canopy is produced by light passing through colorful glass and elaborate metal cut work patterns.

Moroccan architecture and Moorish design are the sources of this pendant style. Because of its strategic location between Africa, Europe, and Asia throughout history, Morocco has absorbed cultural influences from the Arab world, Persia, Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa and served as a conduit for their integration. This blend is perfectly captured in the distinctive design of the Moroccan lamps that we have in our Atlas Lights Moroccan store. Thanks to the world’s most successful brass handicrafts sector, this art has flourished all over the world.

We use a traditional process to create all of our lamps, which bring a sense of craftsmanship to your decor by diffusing reflections on the walls and ceiling as well as lighting the space. Beautiful Light Shapes Patterns.

Whatever lantern you select, these lanterns considerably improve your design. They can serve as the center of attention on your dining table, or even just as a decorative element on a side table.

Adding a Moroccan lamp to your home is as simple as purchasing one and setting it there. You can also go all out and add more opulent Moroccan decor.



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