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I LOVE DOGS stamp, embossing wood stamp


Processing 1-4 Days | Shipping 2-3 Weeks


Create a beautiful and unique pattern on your cookies with embossing stamp! Surprise family and friends with its originality and ingenuity!
This is a perfect gift for any occasion like wedding, Christmas, birthday or just for fun. It’s a great gift not only for Kitchen gadgets fans. The stamp will also be a very good gift for children at play will be able to learn how to bake!

We give a lot of heart and patience to make the stamps was perfect.

We add the recipe for cookies!
Every embossing stamp has a very deep engraving for better emboss, so on the cookies come out even the smallest items.
Our stamp are made from natural beech wood.
Please keep in mind that wood is natural material and you can find small imperfection (color changes etc.) Every stamp is buffed by hand.

If you want to make it a gift, you can write to us, we put to you a note with a dedication!

If you find damaged, defected or wrong shipped product then kindly contact with your relevant vendor