Hexagonal Moroccan Solar Garden Lantern


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The Hexagonal Moroccan Solar Garden Lantern casts a lovely beam of light on the floor, adding to the festive atmosphere in your home and bringing tranquility and beauty to the surroundings.

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This retro, elegant, and creative Hexagonal Moroccan Solar Garden Lantern adds a touch of class to any vintage or modern setting, and is ideal for porches, foyers, decks, garages, patios, hallways, and balconies.

The weatherproof rating on these outdoor solar lights is IP65. The attractive solar lamp is weatherproof.

Solar panels that have been updated convert sunlight directly to power and store it in a single rechargeable battery (included). During the day, please place the hanging solar lamp in direct sunshine. If the switch is not in the “ON” position, the battery will not be charged.


Technical Details:


Item Weight ‎2.1 pounds

Package Dimensions ‎10 x 7.3 x 6.6 inches

Color ‎Flower

Mounting Type ‎Tabletop

Batteries Included? ‎No

Batteries Required? ‎Yes

Lanterns in your house are similar to jewelry. They are not the main attraction, but they can make or break the overall look of the room. It has the power to transform your house. So choose the right lighting to match and complement your existing house décor.

As a result, selecting optimal lighting for your home can be a difficult task. They can serve as a complement or serve as the central focus, as the Moroccan Lantern Design does.

Moroccan lanterns, such as this Hexagonal Moroccan Solar Garden Lantern, are one of the most widely used design elements around the world. Moroccan lanterns bring an exotic touch to every setting. When suspended from the ceiling, this lantern cast incredible shadows on its surroundings that give out a warm feeling at night.

Just by adding a piece of this Moroccan lantern in your home will make you feel welcome. Even the term “Moroccan” conjures up a sense of enigma. This Moroccan Lantern Design is a perfect one if you are looking for something fresh and modern.

This Hexagonal Moroccan Solar Garden Lantern has endless possibilities in terms of usability, aesthetic appeal, artisanship, and making a style and taste statement. It will help you in gaining several compliments and admiration at its best. As a result, think of Moroccan design and colors that will impress you.

It is important to keep in mind that these lanterns are expertly made, with a strong emphasis on the finish and designs. It has the potential to totally change the look of your house.

This Moroccan Lantern Design brings a touch of authentic Morocco to your home. It will greatly increase the exotic quotient of your house décor, regardless of how you use it, and the fact that this lantern can be used in a variety of settings

When you buy Moroccan lanterns for your house, you are not only getting a light fixture. You are also making a fashion statement. Your goal can be achieved as long as the lantern illuminates the space where you sit or rest.


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