Handmade Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp


PERFECT DESIGN: The vintage Handmade Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp creates the ideal atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, and the whole house.

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HANDMADE IN MOROCCO WITH Outstanding QUALITY. This one-of-a-kind, stunning, and authentic Handmade Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp is handcrafted in Morocco with excellent quality. The beautiful brass lampstand was given an antique and rustic look using a particular antiquing method.

PERFECT DESIGN Carefully cut mosaic pieces and adhere to blown glass. In your living area, bedroom, pub, or coffee shop, the antique light creates the ideal mood. This Handmade Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp is fashionable and goes with any decor, and it is ideal for mood or accent lighting.

A mysterious and stunning Soothing & Romantic ambiance is created by a DECORATIVE TURKISH & MOROCCAN STYLE multicolor glass lampshade. The bulbs in the corner may be used to catch colored reflections on the walls.

Technical Details:


Uniquely glamorous and authentic Handmade Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp handcrafted with love and passion in our ateliers in Morocco by housewive artisans with extraordinary quality and checked within the UK, suitable for any decor and style.


Our lamps are handmade and are sent in original packaging to provide safe and secure delivery.


Create a soothing and romantic atmosphere with the authentic effect of the Handmade Mosaic Moroccan Table Lamp.

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