Handmade Dream Catcher


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Handmade Dream Catcher

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When you give a dream catcher as a gift to someone you share the story and legend of the gift with the person you give it to. When they are asked about the beautiful dreamcatcher hanging in their room, they can then share the story of you giving the gift to them and the history of the dreamcatcher to the person who asked. By creating this cycle we allow our loved ones and friends to remember we are thinking of them whenever they look at the dreamcatcher they were given.

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Contemporary dream catchers are not just an accessory meant to defend you against evil spirits and bad dreams. They’re also intricate works of art that have the potential to elevate and refine any room of your choosing. Suitable for modern and Bohemian interiors alike, the following handmade dream catchers are a sight to behold. It comes in every size from extra large to small. It boasts (almost) every possible decoration from flowers to feathers and beads. They have to be seen to be believed.

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Product Name: Dream Catcher

Product material: iron ring, cotton thread, feather

Craft: handmade

Color: beige, white

Size: as shown

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