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Giant Teddy Bear: Super Comfortable Plush


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The Giant Teddy Bear: Super Comfortable Plush is the original gift for young and old. It serves as a decor and a pillow, it is simply multi-use. Wonderful hug dispenser.

Essentially cotton, this giant teddy bear does not have pads. The design of this bear is to keep you company in times of loneliness. Teens and adults can use it as a pillow or decor. It is the ultimate birthday present.

The giant bear holds a very important place in the toy world, and has been for years. It’s very useful. These big soft toys bring happiness to the children and their parents. This bear plush is not just for the little ones.

There are adults who are fond of these little toys and use them as well to decorate their rooms and even to sleep with them.

For the majority of children, teddy bears have a special place in their daily life.

Soft toys teddy bears and other soft toys are with no doubt objects linked to the world of childhood.

As for adults, the teddy bear can fill the lack, the loneliness of a person, it is comforting in these moments there. It is a true distributor of hugs !!!

Who has never dreamed of having a giant teddy bear? Realize your dream of adopting a giant teddy bear that will keep company for young and old.

A giant teddy bear will be the perfect gift for the comfort of each child, the decoration of your friends’ room or just for a friendly presence around you.

With neat finishes, this original teddy bear is perfect for interior rooms from the bedroom to the living room.


How to use it ?

The mascot is empty and it is intentionally. The delivery would have cost you more if it were fulfilled.

We leave it to everyone to fill it according to the comfort they are looking for (cotton, terry cloth, fabric) and the use they want to make of it (decor, cushion). Always make sure the bear full before you pull the zipper.

Do not wait any longer to adopt your giant teddy bear who will delight your children for repeated hugs or for moments of rest and tranquility.

This giant teddy bear has a power to evoke family and childish tenderness that no other toy has. With his big belly, he is also a great gourmand who loves honey. Your new friend is ready to receive hugs and give them to you too.

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Technical details:

  • Height: 160cm
  • Important: This Teddy Bear is empty (you have to fill it in)
  • Material: cotton
  • Cleaning: Washable
  • Brown color


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