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Handmade Authentic Moroccan Wool Berber Carpet [2023’s BEST]


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Handmade Authentic Moroccan Wool Berber Carpet

The Beni Ourain tribe is known for its high-quality white Moroccan wool carpet, which are decorated with geometric shapes such as stripes or diamonds.

Beni Ourain rugs are traditionally handmade by women from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They use specific sheep wool.

This Moroccan Wool Berber Carpet is always made by hand on wooden looms. The woven geometric shapes follow the inspiration of the hand.

Therefore, we must consider that having it at home is a privilege. The white background of the Beni Ourain rug allows it to be used in a variety of decorative styles. Without too many colors and patterns, they value furniture more, whether it is antique wooden furniture, leather living room or designer furniture, red, black or white.

The thickness of these mats and their sheet-like appearance make them more comfortable to the touch and give them enough weight to stabilize the floor. The best carpets are not like this. They are easy to fold and need to be constantly readjusted.

Dimensions: 60 cm x 90 cm = 2 x 3 ft

Material: 100% soft wool

This is Authentic Handmade Berber Moroccan carpet.

Washing instructions: hand wash because the volume limit is very strict, it can only be folded packed, carpet creases are very easy to recover,  spread it under the coffee table for a while, walk around, and also use heavy things press on it. the carpet will be flat.

This Rug adds a stylish edge to your living room, bedroom, or hallway without worrying about damage from high traffic.

Plan your home decor with this beautiful rug, handmade using sustainable material.

What Are the Moroccan Berber Rug Symbols?

The symbolism of birth or fertility is included into Berber rug designs by the women weavers. Various stages and events in a woman’s life, such as childhood, virginity, courtship, union, pregnancy, labor pains, and the birth of a child, are represented by motifs.

Each textile’s color scheme has a specific meaning. Red stands for power and defense, blue for knowledge, yellow for eternity, and green for peace.

How Are Moroccan Rugs Made?

The Berbers give each tribe a name for their hand-spun textile. Modern Berber carpets are constructed in large quantities utilizing a loop pile construction that resembles the knotting of traditionally woven rugs.

Many rural Berber nations continue to actively weave handmade Moroccan carpets. For many families who sell them to shopkeepers, tourists, and locals in markets, this is still their main source of income. Utilizing traditional patterns and organic materials, handmade rugs are more distinctive.

To reflect the chilly or hot location of where they are manufactured, these carpets might be flat woven and light or quite thick with a hefty pile. Generational rug weavers from each tribe have created their own unique designs that go well with different weaving and embroidery techniques.

Moroccan carpets are typically woven in one of three main ways: knotted, flat weave (no knots), or weft replacement.

Classically Modern Moroccan Rugs

In the middle of the 20th century, contemporary western interior designers started to use Moroccan tribal rugs more frequently. Bohemian and bohemian style décor have become more and more well-liked and accepted as a whole.

Vintage Berber rugs gain value over time as a result of natural aging. Genuine vintage items will have a natural fade, uneven fringe, and torn fabric. Keep in mind that these works of art weren’t just created for show.

Amazing rug art investment items for your house to be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed on to the next generation have been created by this 2,000-year-old rug weaving technique.

Where Can I Purchase Moroccan Rugs?

Are you in search of an exclusive Hand Knotted Kilim to uplift your Home Décor or simply are trying to find a gift for your beloved?

Don’t sweat any longer, Alizoni got you covered!

Hand knotted of high-quality wool, this easy yet elegant Rug with its mesmerizing colors and plush texture is geared up to elevate any Room’s Décor. Besides, it can toil as a timeless present for the one you love loved one or friend.


Natural Fibers are highly absorbent and should be cleaned regularly.
Vacuum regularly to prevent dirt from becoming trapped in the fibers.
Regularly vacuuming, rotation and occasional gentle shake will keep the rugs looking their best.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent fading.

*Rugs will be shipped folded, so some creases can be seen at the time of unpacking the rug. These creases will go away after some days.
Color of item can very a little depend upon display setting of your device.

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2×3 ft/60×90 cm, 3×5 ft/ 90×150 cm, 4×6 ft/120x180cm, 5×6 ft/150x180cm, 5×7 ft/150x215cm, 5×8 ft/150x240cm, 6×8 ft/180x240cm, 6×9 ft/180x270cm, 8×8 ft/240x240cm, 6,5x10ft/200x300cm, 7x10ft/210x300cm, 8x10ft/240x300cm, 8x11ft/240x330cm, 9x12ft/270x360cm, 10x12ft/300x360cm, 10x14ft/300x430cm, 10x16ft/300x490cm, 12x14ft/360x430cm, 12x16ft/370x490cm, 13x16ft/400x490cm, 14x16ft/430x490cm, 14x18ft/430x550cm, 14x20ft/430x610cm


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