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Bath Flower For Kids


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With the pure child bath flower, you no longer need plastic tubs, bath chairs and other often bulky baby bath items! It is the best alternative to baby baths …

Soft as a plush, the  baby bath flower fits in the basin of your sink or sink and adapts to the shape to allow you to wash the baby at breast height. Thus, the baby bath becomes a real pleasure for you.



It relieves itself for young mothers who do not yet have the reflexes to give a baby a bath. Suitable for babies from 0 to 2 years in bathing device and in reclined position. It can then be used in a traditional bathtub as a bath mat.



With the bath flower: You will finally have your hands free when you bathe your baby

Soft and cuddly, the bath flower is made with antimicrobial materials. In addition to being extremely pleasant, it is also very practical. It can be used in the sink, it is easy to wash, dry, and store.



With its large flexible petals, the bath flower adapts to any type of bathtub. The little one will feel safe, warm and comfortable when giving the baby a bath . Forget the risk of slipping! 



The bath flower is easy to clean

After bathing, just gently squeeze the product to squeeze out excess water and hang it up (there’s a strap behind the product to hang it up easily). If you need to wash it, you can put it in the machine (without using bleach).



With MaFleur, bath time will never be the same!

Choose MaFleur for the safety and happiness of your baby, a flowery bath in which the soft petals of the product envelop the baby during the bath. If you are worried that classic bathtubs will be hard on your baby’s fragile body, the flower-shaped baby bathtub promises you extreme softness!

5 reasons to choose the flower bath for baby

This flower bath mat has evolved over time and it just gets better! Why bathe your baby in a plastic tub if you can wrap your baby in the softness of a pretty lotus flower.

The flower bath has so many advantages, so why use a classic bathtub that does not make you comfortable. Here are the top 5 reasons for choosing the MaFleur bath seat:

So soft, comfortable and adapts to all places: on a classic bathtub or in the sink,

You will have your hands free to play with your little one,

Your baby will be safe,

The baby is not in danger of slipping,

The bath pillow is suitable for all seasons.

The baby bath flower is practical and available in different colors.

You can do a great photo shoot since you will have the opportunity to have your hands free. Feel free to share these photos with your friends on social networks, then admire the beautiful comments.

Avoid back and knee pain due to bad positions for bathing your baby in traditional tubs! The baby bath tub flower is exactly what you need.

WARNING! The baby needs constant adult supervision during the bath.

Technical sheet:

Cleanup:  Clean with water and mild detergent, machine wash.

Drying:  You will just need to squeeze the excess water from the flower and then let it dry in the sun or in the dryer.

Type: bathtub

Size: 60cm

Material: Fabric / plush

Pattern: Floral

Age: Baby

Weight: 0.56 kg

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Blue, Skyblue, Yellow, Mauve, Pink, Neon Pink, Red, Green


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