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Anti Fleas and Lice Comb


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Here is the perfect comb for extracting lice and fleas from your pet. Very practical flea and lice comb! Resistant and practical to handle. It collects all the dirt and or fleas and lice from your animal.

Dip into your pet’s fur, then remove it from your pet. All this without irritating the skin and much more effectively than with conventional combs and brushes.

The high-quality steel comb facilitates detangling of hair and neutralizes fleas and lice.

When you paint through your pet’s fur, the comb releases a slight electrical charge that will make your animals feel good.

Say no to rough cleaning with this grooming device. Take care of your dogs and cats as you wish.

Technical sheet :

  • Product size: 240X170X30mm / 94.49X66.93 / 11.81 “
  • Material: plastic
  • Battery: 2 AA batteries (without battery)
  • Uses: pet flea






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