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Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan Lighting – What Makes Moroccan Lighting Unique?

To effectively light your home, you don’t need to be a Moroccan lighting specialist with a degree in cinematography. Consider where individuals generally sit and what they are doing as you take a glance around. Do you only watch television in the living room? Do you read books there, do you occasionally have supper there with guests? It’s important to have adequate lighting for your favorite activities while also emphasizing any furniture pieces that you may have invested a lot of money in or that are merely eye-catching. Now we get to the age-old dilemma: Do you like a floor lamp or a hanging lamp?


From the slopes of the mountains to your home, artistic, handcrafted Moroccan lamps are available as hanging and floor lamps. When you take into account the additional variation in color, shape, and pattern as well, the options seem to be endless.

Because they project the light upward and outward, unlike most designs, Moroccan floor lamps are great. Most standing floor lamps have a shade, which wastes energy because you aren’t usually seated on the floor doing something.

These Moroccan floor lamps are constructed from stretched, coloured goat leather that has been hand-henna painted over an iron frame. Artisans were careful not to disobey any of their religious laws, which prohibit them from drawing human figures; so instead, you will find symbols, geometric shapes, plant-like designs, and nature patterns. In ancient tradition, decorating and artistic expression was a form of “Barakah,” which means “spiritual wisdom and blessing transmitted from God.” These patterns were once thought to fend off evil spirits and guard the viewer. For instance, the fish motif represents water, fertility, and prosperity. A seeker of the sun or the human soul seeking illumination is symbolized by the lizard or salamander. The majority of the shapes on your Moroccan floor lamps are intended to command, empower, and protect.


Moroccan hanging lamps, often known as lanterns, are constructed from wrought iron or brass, stained glass, and other materials. As many lanterns were observed at the entrances of palaces and mansions, hanging lanterns can be an indication of upper class status in Morocco. For illuminating a dining room or foyer in your home, hanging lamps are perfect for families with children (since they can’t be knocked over or tipped over!).

Nothing takes one’s breath away more than a magnificent chandelier hanging in an opulent hotel or mansion bed-and-breakfast. For a more conservative and cost-effective lamp, the Moroccan stained glass lamps are a beautiful addition to any home, whether you place them in your living room, bedroom, or outdoor deck. Most of these lights are made of muted, warm colors that are ideal for any room in the house.

When it comes to a person’s happiness, proper lighting is important. There is a Moroccan lamp for everyone, whether they prefer floor or hanging lighting fixtures. You may choose the suitable color scheme and start feeling happier, more relaxed, and emotionally fulfilled once you’ve examined your home, identified where light is needed and why, and made that determination.

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