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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

In case you’re looking to purchase bitcoin or exchange cryptocurrency, it can be a very intimidating experience at first. With so many bitcoin trading platforms to choose, each with their own disadvantages and benefits, how would you know which one is best for you?

To help you choose, we’ve put this guide for the best crypto trades for 2021. We assessed every crypto currency trade on an variety of elements including their accessible resources, charges, UI, highlights, and client audits.

What is The Best Crypto Trading Platform? - InvestoTrend

Regardless of whether you’re a long-term investor in bitcoin or an active crypto trader, here are the best crypto trading platform.

Top 5 To help you choose, we’ve put this guide for the best crypto trades for 2021. We assessed every crypto currency trade on an variety of elements including their accessible resources, charges, UI, highlights, and client audits.

Regardless of whether you’re a long-term investor in bitcoin or an active crypto trader, here are the best crypto trading platform.

Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

  • Etoro: Ideal for beginners
  • BlockFi: Choice for earning interest on deposits
  • Binance: Supreme for trading altcoins
  • Prime XBT: Platform for margin trading
  • CoinBase: Most popular crypto exchanges

#1: Etoro


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Etoro is our top choice for exchanging the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Etoro is one of the greatest crypto trades on the planet with more than 18 million clients worldwide and more than 20 million crypto exchanges executed on the Etoro platform. Etoro is supported by more than 140 different countries and is perhaps the most secure crypto trading platforms in existence.

Although Etoro doesn’t offer as many different assets to trade as some of their competitors, they do offer the 14 most popular cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of the crypto coins available on Etoro:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Neo (NEO)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Tezos
  • EOS
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • IOTA
  • ZCash
  • TRON

Etoro offers an electronic trading platform as well as a mobile app. The Etoro stage is truly simple to utilize, even for beginners. Here are some of the highlights we like most with Etoro:

Demo Account:

We help you to trade in the foreign exchange market (Forex).Our advanced trading platforms allow you to implement your trading via the internet

After opening an account, you’ll get $100,000 in virtual cash to practice trading with. You can utilize this demo account to try different things with exchanging procedures or to figure out the actual stage.

Social Trading :

Best 5 Crypto Social Trading Platforms | TechBullion

When you open an account with Etoro, you’ll be going along with probably the biggest local area of merchants. You can discuss ideas, share exchanging choices, and talk technique with different traders on the Etoro platform.

Copy Trading :

Programme Easy Trading

This feature permits you to recreate other traders’ activities in Real-time. This implies that you can follow other effective dealers on Etoro and duplicate their exchanges to piggyback off their success.

In general, Etoro is an extraordinary cryptocurrency exchange for trading the most well known crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its copy trading feature greatly increases your chance of making a profit, especially for beginners.

#2 BlockFi

BlockFi Interest Account review March 2021 |

BlockFi is rapidly turning into the go-to choice for cryptocurrency investors. With BlockFi, you can acquire up to 8.6% premium on your holdings, borrow cash, and buy or sell crypto. BlockFi has no hidden charges and no minimum balances.

Why pick BlockFi as your crypto trade? The explanation is simple. Unlike other digital currency trades, BlockFi offers interest-earning accounts that allow you to earn money on all crypto you hold on their platform.

This means that once a trade is executed, your new crypto asset will start earning interest the very next day. No other crypto trade permits you to earn money on your deposits in the same way that BlockFi does!

Interest on your crypto holdings is paid out toward the start of each month and the interest is accumulating. This permits you to make more money from the same investment than other cryptocurrency exchanges. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) that you earn will vary from 3% to 8.6%, depending on the digital currency.

Another striking element of BlockFi is that it allows you to borrow against your coins. rather than selling them when you need funds, you can take out advances in U.S. dollars, a feature that assists you with trying not to sell in a down market.

BlockFi crypto advances can get funded the same day you apply and there are no prepayment penalties or fees. Interest rates on their crypto loans are as low as 4.6% APR.

To begin with BlockFi, you need to visit their site to an account. You’ll then be required to upload a visible photo ID. Most applications receive an approval within minutes, and you can begin transferring funds immediately.

#3 Binance

Qué es Binance DEX? Instrucciones para crear una billetera y usar AZ

Binance is the world’s biggest crypto trade and is our top decision for purchasing and selling altcoins. Binance has a whopping 1,400,000 transactions per second and more than 2 billion in average daily volume.

Binance sports a low exchange charge as wells as some of the lowest prices in the industry. It only charges clients 0.1% on each exchange and, while deposits are free, withdrawals cost money. However, in the event that you use the Binance-owned digital currency, BNB, you get a 50% markdown.

One of the essential purposes behind Binance’s popularity is the wide scope of cryptocurrencies it has to offer, which remains at more than 100. These include remarkable coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and the lesser-known Zcoin.

The Binance crypto trade is generally proper for people who need to trade or invest in the best crypto altcoins since it has the highest altcoin trading volumes. Presently, Binance makes up trading volume regularly. Binance offers more than one hundred distinctive trading pairs between various Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

#4 Prime XBT

Prime XBT review 2021 - About Prime XBT | Forex Siri

The relatively young Seychelles-based Prime XBT digital currency trade has accomplished exponential growth since its 2018 launch, with customers from 150 unique countries making it an engaging objective for any new financial investors.

It includes a few exchanging sets and lower exchange fees than most. The organization’s vision is to provide its clients with the central instruments they need for regular trading activities, including purchasing bitcoin and using margin trading.

PrimeXBT charges a 0.01% expense for ForEx and commodities as well as 0.05% for crypto.

Prime XBT is predominantly unregulated – a significant reason behind why it works in just a few regions.

Prime XBT offers a phenomenal platform stacked with essential trade tools to help both novice traders and experts exchange the best crypto. It has a direct onboarding measure with 100% anonymity and no significant personal details. You can enroll with your email, set up a password, and acknowledge the terms. The ability to margin-trade cryptocurrencies and traditional assets sets it apart from the other platforms.

This company has a wide range of asset classes, including:

Litecoin and Ethereum
popular indices such as the FTSE 100 and the S&P 500
major cryptocurrencies such as
commodities like gold and oil

Therefore, if you are interested in diversifying your portfolio, Prime XBT may be the best trade for you. However, a huge disadvantage is that it doesn’t serve clients from the U. S. and Canada because of nearby laws.

#5 Coinbase

Coinbase listing set to capitalise on crypto bull run | Financial Times

Coinbase, which we consider to be the best cryptocurrency trade, is the most notable and well-utilized digital currency exchange in the United States. Coinbase is not difficult to use, which has helped it become one of the world’s greatest crypto-broker exchanges, particularly for Bitcoin.

Coinbase charges a base of 4% for all transacations. Its trading stage, GDAX, incurs a 0.50% taker fee, dependent upon trading volume over a 30-day time period.

Coinbase is an entirely approved crypto exchange with licenses to work in more than 40 U.S. states. Individuals have exchanged more than $50 billion in crypto on the Coinbase trade since its establishment.

While the cryptocurrency industry has no lack of fake coins and questionable trades, Coinbase has commonly kept a distance from controversies and provides convenient customer support.

Coinbase offers an easy to-utilize interface, decreasing any obstacles that may disrupt everything for digital money ventures that are already complicated enough. What makes Coinbase exceptional is that, in contrast with conventional exchanges, it allows you to buy crypto using traditional currency.

Coinbase also offers the choice of insured custodial wallets for investors to guarantee security. However, it is fundamental to consider that, if you have lost money due to your own mistakes, this protection doesn’t have any bearing.

Coinbase’s free Coinbase Pro form has an alternate and more affordable trading fee structure as well as more choices for trading graphs and indicators. Coinbase Pro is ideal for individuals who have achieved veteran status while trading with Coinbase, as it provides advanced features to the investor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bitcoin Trading Platform

  • Security
  •  Trading Fees
  • Ease of USe
  • Selection of Assets
  • Payment Methods


Server Security | Availability | Integrity and Confidentiality |

Security is a trade best-practice and one you ought to consider prior to all the other things. You should ensure that the platform you have picked offers two-factor authentication, doesn’t have a history of being compromised, and has a track record for safeguarding its users’ data.

Trading Fees

Trading Fees: What Do Brokers Charge to Trade? - SmartAsset

If you are just barely starting, you might need to save money on charges and go with a trade that offers lower costs and an easy to understand interface, so that you can learn to the max in your beginning days without breaking the bank.

Ease of Use

Easy Vector Art & Graphics |


The centralized trades provide beginner investors with a less complicated, more easy to understand exchanging technique and UI than the further developed crypto wallets and P2P exchanges. The users of centralized exchanges can easily log in to their accounts, check their updated account balances, and execute transactions on cryptocurrencies.

Selection of Assets

Asset Allocation Vs. Security Selection - What's the Difference? - Investor Academy

It is ideal to pick a Bitcoin trade based on the convenience it offers, the digital currency experience you have, and its customer support. Regardless of whether you are a beginner looking to start in the digital currency world or a veteran, this ease of use and instinctive UI will essentially affect your every day trading activities.

Payment Methods

9 popular payment methods that businesses should integrate - Tap2Pay

Some crypto trades just acknowledge PayPal as a payment method, while others are more flexible and have numerous choices, such as utilizing a credit card, check card from your financial balance, bank transfer, or wire transfer. It’s always best to go with a platform that takes different payment methods.

Final Thoughts: What is the best cryptocurrency trading platform?

7+ Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms | 2019 | Hacker Noon

Each crypto exchange platform has its extraordinary highlights and its own particular method of aiding its users trade the best crypto.

While some leading platforms offer a feature-rich interface, some lesser-known ones make up for the lack of features with zero or low fees. Believe it or not, it’s easier to find a cryptocurrency exchange with zero or low fees than you think.

We have illustrated the best crypto exchanges here for your benefit. However, to completely harness cryptocurrency’s latent capacity, you need to choose an exchange platform that best suits your necessities.

Furthermore, be sure to thoroughly research the intricacies of cryptocurrency on your own, as well as the customer support capabilities of each exchange before investing. As a beginner, you ought to be searching for trades with high liquidity, low withdrawal fees, and many trading pairs.

Happy Investing!

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