Astroworld Festival 2021 Sells Out in 45 Minutes

Travis Scott’s hometown festival Astroworld is making its re-visitation of Houston this November. The typically one-day celebration will grow to two days – Nov. 5-6 – at NRG Park. The 2021 version will stamp the celebration’s third and greatest year to date.

Scott is set to highlight the festival and is expected to convey his latest studio collection, Utopia, later this year. He has named the current year’s inventive theme “Open Your Eyes to a Whole New Universe.”

The Grammy-assigned expert will proceed to actually help serve the plan. The full music arrangement will be announced at a later date closer to the event.

The concert aims to once again bring back the dearest spirit and wistfulness of AstroWorld, the legendary and now-outdated carnival that was situated across the road from the current festival grounds, after first opening in 1968. As Scott experienced childhood in close by Missouri City right outside of Houston and went to the recreation center in various occasions as a child, Astroworld Festival will one again help resuscitate the magic while helping to ultimately make his lifelong dream come true.

The last Astroworld held in 2019 welcomed a sold-out horde of 50,000, according to the coordinators. Past festivals have included Post Malone, Rosalia, Pharrell Williams, Da Baby, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Playboi Carti and Megan Thee Stallion, among numerous others.

Astroworld Merch is SOLD OUT!

If there’s one thing Travis Scott does just as well as music, it’s merch. The rapper’s Cactus Jack imprint slaps merch on just about everything Scott touches and Astroworld fest is no different. He’s been known to release corresponding branded Astroworld Festival clothing following the event. We expect no less from La Flame this time around, so keep your eyes peeled on Astroworld Collection because it will be sold out in 45 minutes.

Get The Look

Going to the Festival? Make sure you have a reliable astroworld staples to fit in.Investing in an Astroworld Merchandise and learning how to style them is the key to looking put together.

1. Embroidered AstroWorld Hoodie – Sold Out in 45 Minutes

Embroidered AstroWorld Hoodie
Embroidered AstroWorld Hoodie

One of the more simplistic bits of Travis Scott merchandise is also one of the best to date. This dark hoodie, which began seven days in length arrival of every day drops to commend the appearance of ASTROWORLD back in August 2018, is a basic for any La Flame fan. The multi-colored “ASTROWORLD” content is embroidered over the front, and an extremely refreshing point of interest. The theme park-inspired phrase “Wish You Were Here” is screen printed over the whole back in intense white lettering too.

2. Thrills and Chills Sweatpants [High Quality] – Sold Out in 45 Minutes

Thrills and Chills Sweatpants [High Quality]
Thrills and Chills Sweatpants [High Quality]

Since forever, sweatpants have proven to be the perfect loungewear. Which is why astroworld merch shop brings you the most comfortable yet fashionable looking garment that you can rock for any occasion. It’s made of a mix of cotton fabrics to make sure you are supplied with a cozy lounging article. And the printed logos, album and song names of the famous rapper on the front make the article look trendy too. So not only do you spend your time lounging in your home, with comfort but also look amazing in your favorite artists sweatpants.

3. Wish You Were Here shirt

Wish You Were Here shirt
Wish You Were Here shirt


Wish You Were Here shirt is based on the third official tour of the artist to promote his symbolic album Astroworld. This is the Astroworld tour tee released on the tour. This wish you were here shirt is based on the third official tour of the artist; travis scott, to promote his symbolic album astro world. This astro world tour tee that was released on the tour, proves itself to be the perfect casual wear.

4. Astroworld Beanie

Astroworld Beanie

Made with 100% acrylic fabric material, this beanie will keep you cozy and looking in style. Available in a unisex size that fits almost every person, this astro world hat will fit you so well it will feel like it is almost tailored for you and your unique body type. With a premium quality embroidery sewn on the front of the deanie saying ‘ASTRO WORLD

5. NAGRI Travis Scott Streetwear Tee

NAGRI Travis Scott Streetwear Tee

This shirt is a perfect casual streetwear hip hop style look that matches along with your favourite hip hop pants or ripped jeans. Super comfortable to wear even during summer because of its smooth stuff.

6. Astroworld Houston TX Sweatpants

Astroworld Houston TX Sweatpants

As part of Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld festival in his beloved hometown Houston Texas is these Astroworld Houston TX sweatpants. Sweatpants are everyone’s pick and you can wear it everywhere. These sweatpants are a perfect and cool outfit while chilling in the house and even also in public. These sweatpants are not just for men but also perfect for women who prefer sweatpants as a daily laid back outfit and as part of fashion.

7. ASTROWORLD Corduroy Hat (Best Selling) – Sold Out Very Soon


Astroworld Corduroy hat is a perfect dad hat with a unique look. Astroworld wish you were here Corduroy hat has embroidered Astroworld Logo in front with adjustable size.

8. Travis Scott Astronomical Shirt

Travis Scott Astronomical Shirt

This graphical shirt features Travis Scott’s Fortnite character at the back of the shirt in a beautiful print. It is indeed an eye catching graphic shirt with a blazing and powerful color.

9. Travis Scott Dark Brown Sweatpants

Travis Scott Dark Brown Sweatpants

Undoubtedly sweatpants offer a different comfort and warmth feeling to our body. It has become part of our wardrobe basics and also practically part of our new day-to-day lives. Astroworld merch offers this Travis Scott Dark Brown Sweatpants to the collection. This kind of sweatpants that does not just offer comfort and warmth to your body. It also offers athleisure and could also be perfect lazy outfit ideas.

10. ASTROWORLD 2019 TOUR HOODIE (LIMITED EDITION) – Sold Out in 45 Minutes


Incessant fashion trends coupled with continually evolving collections provide countless styling possibilities, particularly for younger generation. However, there are certain pieces that just never go out of style – design icons that you will rock forever and regardless. The classic ASTROWORLD 2019 TOUR HOODIE (LIMITED EDITION) is definitely one of these basics. It is certainly a must-have item in every wardrobe, particularly during the colder months.

Hurry, these items are about to be sold out in 45 minutes!

On Your Mask, Get Set, GO!

In celebration of his 29th birthday, the rapper reported that his Astroworld Festival will formally return this coming fall. The concert will be held on Friday, November 5, and Saturday, November 6 at NRG Park in Houston, Texas – growing to two days because of the overwhelming demand.

Scott’s Astroworld has been the must-see musical spectacle ever since its inauguration in 2018. Taking place annually around November, but of course, 2020 was skipped entirely. However, the party never ends, expect it to be back, bigger, and better this.

Last year, Scott hinted that after it had to be canceled in 2020 Astroworld would make its return in 2021. There’s no word yet on a lineup, but we expect it to be astronomical as always.

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